Monday, March 30, 2015

Cardinal Sins - And Their Papal Enabler

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris clearly lays out the case that many cardinals are deliberately flouting the Church's authority to coddle those in sexual sin or those who profit from sexual sin.  Missing from his analysis, though, is a forthright admission of why they are allowed to retain their red hats (what are they called?).  More to the point, there is someone who is allowing them to continue their chicanery and perhaps is orchestrating it.  I speak, of course, of Pope Francis.

To be fair, many of these cardinals started carrying on when the Pope's predecessors occupied his chair.  After last October's sin-nod, though, it became quite clear that this current pontiff at least approves of their dissenting behavior - if he's not outright ordering it.  I realize it is the policy of Church Militant TV not to criticize the pope's actions.  That's their decision.  I and many others hold a different opinion.  We will call the spade a spade.  I'll now analyze some statements of Voris' and point out some obvious papal connections.  I'll go in order as they occur in the video.

  • At the 0:42 mark, he says "look at what princes of the Church are saying or doing quite publicly these days".  Ok!  I agree that their misbehaviors are quite blatant these days.  So what is it about these days that are emboldening them to publicly act out now whereas before they had shown just the slightest amount of restraint and decorum?
  • At the 0:48 mark, he says "it almost always has to do with sex in one way or another".  That's quite true.  The burgeoning numbers of episodes often are glorifying sins against chastity.  Now what just ended last October?  The Extraordinary Synod of the Family, right?  Crucial to the proper understanding and defense of family is a proper understanding and defense of chastity.  Sins against chastity are direct attacks on the family - just as the interim report was.  Might this be part of the "maturation" that the Pope wants us to endure embrace?
  • At 1:20 Voris starts to excoriate Cardinal Kasper, as well he should.  In addition to what Voris says, he showed himself to be quite the heretic.  My blogging colleague Vox Cantoris recalled to our memory some particularly putrid poison that spewed from his brain in 1967, to wit: "the God who is enthroned over the world and history as a changeless being is an offense to man".  Yes, ladies and gentlemen!  These words were uttered  by a Cardinal, and the same Cardinal whom Pope Francis praised for his "serene theology".  Cardinal Marx is one of Pope Francis' "gang of nine" closest advisors.  If Vox Cantoris knew of Marx's 1967 heresies, surely the Pope (or those who should be his friends) would have known that too.  Such is the caliber of the pope's council.
  • At 1:30 he elaborates on Cardinal Marx, president of the German Bishops' Conference.  The latter made the claim that doctrine can change".  Of course Cardinal Muller refuted that and God bless him for doing so.  New Ways Minstry calls Marx "one of the strongest pro-gay voices to emerge at the synod".  They might be correct.
  • At 2:02 Voris turns his attention to Cardinal Wuerl.  Let's not forget that during the sin-nod, the pope named Wuerl as one of the team to help write the interim relatio, independent of the voted-upon committee.
  • At 2:30 he focused on Cardinal Nichols, who rebuked 500 priests for daring to ask for fidelity to Church teaching at the next synod.
  • At 3:23 Voris turns to Cardinal Maradiaga.  Among his many failings it must be considered that Maradiaga is the leader of the pope's "gang of nine".  Why, oh why, does the pope honor him with this privilege? 
  • Voris approached Cardinal Baldiserri, General Secretary for the Synod of Bishops.  He held and still holds that position, despite being shown to a book thief par excellence.  Hey!  In order to "mature" properly, one's reading material must be absconded!
  • At 5:00 Voris summarizes the underlying theme of compromising the Church's teachings on chastity and calling it "mercy".  Is what they're doing intended to dovetail into this "year of mercy". 
At 5:45 Voris remarks that he had just recited a dozen cardinals (I only highlighted a few) who distort Church teaching on the mortal sin of sodomy.  I hold that this is part and parcel of the "maturation" campaign that went into full swing after the pope said we had a "year to mature" before the next synod.  Again, much of this heresy has been happening long before Pope Francis ascended to Peter's chair, but no one can gainsay that over these past few months, they have been emboldened into being much more up front about their disregard for the teachings of Jesus Christ.

At 6:04, he remarks that the college of cardinals is "a pretty exclusive club" and it's alarming to see so high a number of them embrace heresy.  Now the question is, why is it allowed to remain that way?  Who wants it to remain that way?  If not the pope, he is at least allowing that situation to continue.

At 6:21 Voris states that "at some point the church of nice defenders and Catholic establishment media have got to take off the blinders and muzzles and call a spade a spade."  Absolutely I agree.  But that also means that we must acknowledge the problems created by this pope.  It is downright silly to "take the blinders" off for the cardinals but put them right back on when it comes to the pope.  At 6:51 he remarks that "it is the progressives and poorly formed ones that always scheming and plotting, pulling strings behind the scenes against the faith, that seem to have the upper hand over the more faithful ones."  But why is that?  The answer is all too obvious.  They have an ally in the pope, or at least an enabler.

I regret there are those who will wear blinders and muzzles selectively.  I will not follow that lead and I encourage others to have the courage and integrity to address this elephant in the living room.  Of course we must pray for Holy Mother Church - but we must pray intelligently with eyes wide open.


  1. First: I think the red hat that a Cardinal wears is called a 'Beretta'? Someone jump in if I'm wrong about that because I'm not 100% positive.
    Secondly: Yes, the heretical Cardinals have always been there, and some more bold in coming out with their 'ideology' than others, but I do believe whoever is in the Chair of Peter has an influence on the way they conduct themselves. When Benedict was sitting there, many of these wolves were kept at least partially under wraps, and towed the line. Now with Francis it's a free for all. It's logical that the Cardinals are going to 'take on the smell' as the Holy Father likes to put it, of whoever Peter happens to be at the time. We saw the same thing happen when Obama became President. They become 'emboldened' because they know their leader has the same ideology as they do, no need to worry about any type of 'reprimand.' They follow the leader. On a more positive note, we at least now have no doubt who the wolves are. And they are becoming more visible by the day. The Holy Father has managed to 'draw them out.' They are 'out and proud' for the world to see. Seems as though this is maybe the beginning of the 'separation of the sheep from the goats'.

    I just wish Michael Voris would somehow acknowledge the 'elephant in the room'. I wonder if he will eventually be forced to.

  2. Zucchetto ( I had to look it up too!)

  3. just a quick note to update you about the hats...

    galero - mostly associated with the Cardinalate as that was the hat that was bestowed at the Consistory of creation.

    zucchetto - the skullcap that can be worn by any cleric but associated with bishops and cardinals

    biretta - the square cap that varies in color by clerical rank with the 3 horns - all but the cardinals have the pom pom on top that denotes rank, the cardinals have a red silk loop. It is the biretta that cardinals now receive at the consistory

    1. it! I wasn't even spelling it correctly. I thing she was maybe referring to the zucchetto, but? Should have known that every piece of the liturgical garment has a specific name, everything does in the Church. Thanks for the info.


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