Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cardinal Dolan, Heavy-Handed Progressive

Ladies and gentlemen, despite his "jolly cheesehead" image, Dolan has shown that he has quite another side.  Remember the flap about Father Justin Wylie at Holy Innocents Parish in New York City?  He was thrown under the bus alright - but not solely for his care for the Traditional Latin Mass.

I'm posting a "Mic'd Up" below, dealing with all the slop that is coming from New York vis-a-vis Cardinal Dolan.  Listen closely between the 28:00 and 37:05 marks.  It seems that Father Wylie and a colleague discovered corruption at the Holy See's Permanent Observer Mission and Path To Peace Foundation being carried out by Msgr Chullikatt.  They were preparing to blow the whistle on that when Cardinal Dolan brought the hammer down on Father Wylie, having him shipped back to Johannesburg and subsequently assigned to a very dangerous area there.  Of course that's just a coincidence - right?

The clip after that is an elaboration on the incident in which Michael Voris was forcibly ejected (and here the word "violence" in its true Catholic sense would be appropriate) from the parade area after attempting to interview Cardinal Dolan.  While that incident was in progress, the cameraman's camcorder was recording everything.  They reviewed the video afterwards and realized they recorded evidence that Dolan ordered the ejection of Voris from his presence.  By the way - this is precisely why I recommend that whenever Catholics and/or pro-life activists engage in any kind of public prayer or street activity, that they always have a camcorder on them and are ready to use it.

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  1. I am putting Cardinal Dolan in the very same category of Cardinal Weurl, and that's not a very good category. He is another wolf in sheep's clothing. Unbelievable the harm he has done. Very very disturbing. We seem to be 'graced' with dissident Bishops in this country, and even Bishops that are vindictive and unchristian in action.

    May God have MERCY on their souls. They are going to need it. 'The road to hell is paved ......... a truer statement never proclaimed.
    May God protect and defend Fr. Wylie. Bishop Sheen, pray for us!!


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