Friday, July 31, 2015

Is Planned Parenthood Murdering Babies Outside The Womb? Do GOP Officials Have Ties To The Baby-Part Scandals?

Let's look at the first question.

Over the past few days I and many other pro-life bloggers have been sharing videos produced by Center for Medical Reform.  Four have been released so far.  These videos provide prima facie evidence that Planned Parenthood is actively engaged in trafficking of baby body parts - parts that come from the babies whom they have murdered.  Heavily implicated in this activity is a business partner of theirs known as Stem Express.

Stem Express, a California-based outfit, has obtained a restraining order from a California judge enjoining them from releasing videos that feature Stem Express personnel.  David Daleiden, the driving force behind the videos, reveals in this Breitbart article why Stem Express wants the videos suppressed.  On May 22 he and several others had a meeting with Cate Dyer, CEO of Stem Express.  It came out in the interview that they (Stem Express) had obtained intact bodies of aborted babies from Planned Parenthood.  This might indicate that the babies were born alive and subsequently murdered outside the womb.  Even in today's callous pro-abortion culture, that would be a capital crime.  No wonder they want these videos suppressed.

Now to the second question.

Again from Breitbart we learn the following troubling fact.  The Health Policy Director for Speaker John Boehner's office staff is Charlotte Ivancic.  She is older sister to Cate Dyer, the CEO of Stem Express, mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Does the phrase "fox guarding the hen house" have significance here?  Might this be a reason for Boehner's lack of resolve in defunding abortion, Obamacare, etc?  At the very least, a top staffer of the Speaker of the House has an undeniable conflict of interest.

Boehner is not the only one.  Presidential candidate Jeb Bush was founding director of the Bloomberg Family Foundation.  He was named to that post in 2010 and resigned in 2014 as he prepared to announce his candidacy.  While he was on the board, this foundation gave tens of millions to Planned Parenthood and funded international abortion efforts.  Michael Bloomberg had always been up front about his vision for the foundation.  It would be intellectually dishonest for anyone to insinuate that Bush had no knowledge of the foundation's pro-abortion fundings.  I had discounted Bush as a candidate long ago; this news only confirms my instincts.

Stay tuned to this blog and others as events unfold.


  1. There is no doubt in my mind that Republicans are in on this travesty along with the Democrats. It has long been known that PP does contribute money (not as much as to the Dem Party) to the Republicans as well. Democrats are out and proud supporters of the organization, but Republicans are a tad more discreet about their dealings with them for obvious reasons. I like to say we have one party with two heads in this country. That pretty much sums it up, sadly. When Bush the younger was sitting in the Oval Office he did nothing to stem the tide of abortion..............NOTHING. The Republicans give lip service to the life issue and that's about it.

  2. Well done and many thanks! May all involved be exposed and prosecuted...and those who will not be prosecuted, may they be drained of all power. May all come to confession, contrition, and desiring to be a new creation in Christ, Jesus, Lord of all.

  3. Could be that some Pubs have ties via finances to PP. But, overwhelmingly, the Dem Party owns this PP horror machine. When Catholics vote Dem they are pure hypocrites and should finally realize this after the vids. Time to unite all Christians against the Dem Party, not only over abortion but over patriotic concerns that they are destroying our American heritage, history and VALUES.

  4. There is a revolving door between the USCCB and the staffs of pro-abortion members of Congress. The USCCB is riddled with pro-aborts.

    Immigrants--from all countries, legal and illegal, vote 70-80% pro-abortion. So the USCCB and the most outspoken bishops, who tirelessly promote open borders, are actually trying to kill the pro-life movement once and for all.

  5. Father, I believe that might explain a lot that transpires at the Archdioceses of Washington and New York. See my Aug 1 post. This puts Dolan's behavior in new light.

  6. It is so much bigger than just funding or agreeing with PP's vile mission.

    The research and development invested in the stem cell industry is in the trillions globally. Look at California alone, the taxpayers themselves voted for 4billion in public funding for stem cell "cures" which is chump change compared to the venture capital invested in the industry.

    Virtually every industry--from abortion, to R&D at major institutions would be impacted, and moreover, every portfolio (whether personal or institutional) has major investments in the industries involved in this research.

    It would have an enormous negative impact on the economy and the market were people to really open their eyes and see that what PP is doing by supplying just a teeny amount of the raw materials is inconsequential compared to the big picture of the atrocities in this industry. That's what they want to keep a lid on.


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