Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Missing The Mark On The Definition Of Marriage

Father Marcel Guarnizo recently released an article detailing his thoughts on Obergefell v Hodges in particular and why many good Catholics are losing the battle in part due to faulty understanding of what constitutes marriage.  I won't rehash Father's article on this post, but urge all to study it as it appears on the Pewsitter site.  Reverend Franklin Graham also offered his own reflections on marriage. The tweets by Graham were written before the ruling was announced but they still are relevant as they hearken back to marriage as God ordained it when He created Adam and Eve.  These two men do understand the issues at play here and sound the clarion call to recall the true definitions of marriage as a divinely ordained institution.

In contrast are some very pathetic instances of dissembling of clergymen before the onslaughts of the gay-nazis.  For some, they are quite blatant about their approval of mortal sin.  Others seem to display mere cowardice and/or stupidity; hopefully that display is not merely a smoke screen to camouflage their own approval of depravity.
  • On Fox News a few days ago, their in-house Catholic commentator, Father Jonathan Morris uttered sheer nonsense when he said that county clerks could issue marriage licenses to sodomites without incurring sin themselves.  If signing a marriage license for a sinful situation is not formal and material cooperation with mortal sin, what is?  Father Morris has a sister, a lesbian, who is in a #mowwidge relationship.
  • Father Guarnizo pointed out the error in making the procreation of children a focus during the Supreme Court arguments.  Some clergy have gotten even sloppier, framing the issue as merely one of religious freedom.  In other words, they are more concerned with threats to their own liberties (and yes, they are real threats), than they are about the inherent offense to God.  Take for example this statement from an Alabama priest.
  • Then we have this disgusting situation from Fordham University, a Jesuit institution in New York.  "Jesuit" and "New York" are indeed harbingers of disaster.  The chair of the theology department entered into a #mowwidge with his sodomite accomplice.  Rather than fire him, the school administration has extended to him and his "husband" the typical wedding wishes.  The sodomites conducted their #mowwidge in an Episcopal Church where the sodomite accomplice is a (sit down!) youth minister!  I'm sure Georgetown University is jealous of Fordham, but I digress.
We have so much gay rot in the Church it's no wonder why we can't withstand the assaults from without.  Before we address the culture at large, we have so much house-cleaning to do first.


  1. Yes, Monsignor Muller does focus on 'Religious Freedom' in his talk but eventually he does get around to mentioning how offensive this is to God. I will say this.......I would have much preferred this statement to the one my own Archbishop Blaze Cupich of Chicago wrote which was nothing more than a bunch of gobblety gook of modernism. Cardinal Francis George (may he RIP) would have been saddened and troubled by it. I guess my point is, there were worse.......much worse than this. And as far as Fr. Morris....he is a 'go along to get along' priest who I believe is under Cdl. Dolan, and we know how he operates. I have NEVER liked Fr. Morris as he is and always has been mealy mouthed in regard to the faith. The interview with him didn't surprise me in the least.

  2. of what import is the sexual orientation of Fr.'s sister?? Stewart M Schwartz

    1. It might offer some perspective, some context for his remarks.


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