Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Priests Who Obey Canon 915 Put Gay-Pandering Chanceries To Shame And They Lash Back With Vengeance

In a case very reminiscent to the situation that happened in my own parish in February 2012, a priest of the Diocese of Baton Rouge denied Holy Communion to a man who is living in #mowwidge last week.  As in the case of Father Guarnizo who denied Holy Communion to a flagrant lesbian, he too was tossed under the bus by his local bishop.  There was a write-up in a local paper about the matter; Father Z does an excellent job of dissecting the journalistic goop.

Church Militant TV has an article on the matter.  In the article it is alleged that the Archdiocese of New Orleans issued an apology to the sodomite although it has not released a statement.  Unfortunately it is established fact that the Diocese of Baton Rouge did reprimand Father Mark Beard's obedience to Canon 915.  Again this hearkens back to what happened in the Archdiocese of Washington three years ago, as chronicled in the first hyperlink.

From the statements about the apologies, I gather that the Diocese of Baton Rouge is within the deanery of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.  Church Militant TV reported that the Archdiocese of New Orleans has quite a gay-infestation problem of its own.  They have screen shots of the page explicitly condoning gay sex.  CMTV reports that the site was recently taken down.  However, that occurred only after several Catholic sites correctly stated that the New Orleans page overtly condoned mortal sin.  The archdiocesan spokesperson said "an unauthorized individual" posted the material, but answered no questions as to the fate of this alleged scapegoat.  I wonder, too, how long had the material been there.  Are we to believe that not one single person in that entire archdiocese knew about that problem and did not raise their voice?  I'm sure at least one person did - and was summarily dismissed.  They took it down only because they were embarrassed into doing so.  Their unauthorized person should be fired, as should be the spokesperson of the Diocese of Baton Rouge; if they oppose Catholic moral teaching, they've no business earning their livings off the Church.

Today's Vortex touches on this matter.


  1. Correct, the gay cabal within the Church seems to have taken over to a great degree. They are now 'riding the wave' but it will surely crash. And no, who can be surprised that this is happening still to this day in our Seminaries? Years ago I read 'Good Bye Good Men' and although the Church seemed to take small baby steps to correct the situation since the 70's and 80's, it was like putting a bandaide on a wound that needed a tourniquet. And I hate to say this but the Holy Father himself in all of his modernity, has emboldened these men that are pretending to be Catholic. They are 'out and proud' and aggressively trying to create the 'anti Church' that Pope St. John Paul ll spoke of. The Good Lord Himself will have to step in and cleanse the Church, but it will not be a cake walk when He does. Pray the Rosary every day, and if possible pray it as a family. It does indeed feel like David facing Goliath, but then again David did win didn't he?

  2. First of all, every Catholic should read the famous article on this subject by Cardinal Raymond Burke:


    Giving Communion to persons obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin IS A MORTAL SIN.

    What Fr. Beard did was DECLINE TO COMMIT MORTAL SIN.

    This means that the Archbishop of New Orleans and the Bishop of Baton Rouge have both reprimanded Fr. Beard for DECLINING TO COMMIT MORTAL SIN.

    This moral imbecility should not be a surprise. In 2004, the bishops of the U.S. approved a document, "Catholics in Political Life," in which they said that a bishop may "legitimately" give Communion to pro-abortion politicians and other persons obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin.

    Again, there's a teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy problem with this: IT'S A MORTAL SIN.

    That's right: A majority of American bishops think that they can VOTE themselves permission to commit MORTAL SIN.

    When the MAJORITY of a nation's Catholic hierarchy have descended to such a state of absolute moral dementia, that nation is in big, big trouble.


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