Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#Mowwidge And Cardinal Wuerl

In the Vortex from Monday June 29, Michael Voris laments the abysmal dereliction of duty displayed by Catholic bishops over the past few decades.  We know they haven't (by and large) spoken forcefully against moral evils such as homosexual conduct.  But the situation is even worse than Voris presents.  At 0:44 he asks, "where have her leaders been?"  Well, not only have the bishops been awol, but some of them have actually punished their priests for speaking out against homosexuality and other grave evils.

I've written before about the horrid treatment dished out to Father Marcel Guarnizo by the Archdiocese - no doubt ordered by Cardinal Wuerl.  My blogging colleague at Les Femmes informs us all that Cardinal Wuerl struck again very recently at a priest who publicly preached against #mowwidge.  So now is anyone surprised at his own pathetic statement in the face of Obergefell v Hodges?

Getting back to this latest punishment of a good priest, I believe I know the identity of this priest and will be keeping an eye on things.  So to the archdiocesan personnel who've been assigned to monitor this blog, would you please tell your higher-ups to cease hindering priests from fulfilling their divinely-mandated mission to save souls?

Now the video.

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  1. Some of our Bishops are modernists to the core, one of the greatest evils threatening the Church according to Pope Emeritus Benedict. Cardinal Wuerl seems to fit that category along with several others in this country. The poor, blind prelates will have much to answer for upon approaching the Judgement Seat, and I doubt whether they are going to be able to claim ignorance. Some of them have actually lost the faith entirely and don't believe in eternal punishment. Padre Pio has never been more relevant to the situation today with our clerics when he told a gentleman: 'If you don't believe in hell, you will when you get there.' They seem to have forgotten that with God's mercy there is judgement. 'The road to hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops and the bones of Cardinals.' True that!!


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