Sunday, February 19, 2017

Amoralis Lamentia Defenders Demonstrate The Necessity For The Dubia

Last Friday I alluded to facebook discussions in which I'm currently embroiled.  Many of the participants are of the mindset that: 1) no doing or saying of the pope can ever be subject to scrutiny and debate and (even more troubling) 2) if the current pontiff says anything then it must be blindly accepted regardless of the Teachings of the Church promulgated before the current papacy.

Such is the discussion regarding Amoris Laetitia.  On the one hand, they state that of course all must read AL in light of Church teaching.  Then in the next breath they say, "the pope is opening the doors for mercy", "the priest can act as a tribunal and proclaim a marriage dissolved", "not all situations fit into the rules", etc.  Doesn't that first one make you wonder just what "doors for mercy" have been closed these previous 2000 years of Church history?  Anyway, they are inadvertently providing clear evidence of why the dubia need to be answered.  They are infected with the very confusion that Cardinal Burke et al are trying to prevent - confusion that can actually lead to the damnation of immortal souls.  Below I post an interview given by Cardinal Arinze, during which he points out that no one may change Divine law.

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  1. Thank God for these faithful Cardinals that are teaching the TRUE FAITH!! NO POPE can change the immutable law of God, and we as the Church Militant have a duty to stand against the opposite teaching that even the (so called) Pope is trying to shove down our throats. What is it about our faith that tells us we have a DUTY TO DEFEND THE TRUE FAITH, EVEN IF WE GO AGAINST A POPE, that people just don't get? This isn't a RIGHT, but a DUTY! What this "Pope" is trying to put into practice with his A.L. goes against 2000 years of Church teaching, which goes against the very GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! He is twisting and turning the VERY WORDS OF CHRIST into something the opposite of what Christ teaches us. I am just a simple very ordinary layman that can see this clearly, and if I can see this clearly, people with more knowledge of the faith cannot??? There is no GREY in the teaching of Christ, His teaching is black and white. It is OBJECTIVE and not SUBJECTIVE as some are trying to make it into. IT'S PURE EVIL what some including the "Pope" are trying to incorporate into practice. We have an OBLIGATION to stand up and say he is WRONG. We CANNOT FOLLOW HERESY. Cardinal Arinze is correct that not even a Pope can change the law of God. and the way we put that law into practice.


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