Friday, February 17, 2017

Arroyo, Royal, Murray Discuss The Growing Murkiness Of Amoralis Lamentia

This World Over episode was aired yesterday.  At present, I cannot find the youtube but will substitute it for this facebook feed. (UPDATE - the youtube is below in place of the facebook link)  I have some friends who seem unwilling to shed their rose-colored illusions regarding Pope Francis.  One in particular thought this World Over was horrid.  I for the life of me cannot guess why.  If anyone finds anything truly objectionable, please advise in the comments.  If you do so, please explain your reasons.  Knee-jerk reactions are not helpful.


  1. I watched that episode in real time. It was EXCELLENT. I will re watch it again, but I don't remember anything being uncharitable or untrue. I seldom miss an episode of Raymond, he's truly one of my 'never miss' programs on EWTN. And the 'Papal Posse' is just awesome! They were factual as always, and they ALWAYS tell it like it is, completely in line with the faith. I especially appreciate Fr. Murray! What a courageous faithful priest! We need tons more like him. Seems as though your friend wasn't watching the same episode that we were, so??


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