Monday, February 27, 2017

Catholic Street Activism

TFP Student Action is a group of young Catholic men who among other things are willing to defend the Faith in the streets and through protests.  They were with us during the two occasions when I joined pickets of pro-abortion speakers at Georgetown University.  They were with pro-life activists during the #protestpp demonstration in Washington DC (see the two linked sites at this post).   For as long as I can remember, their signature red banners and sashes and bag pipes were with us at the annual March for Life in Washington on January 22nd.

I mention them because I think we have to be willing to emulate them.  Let's face it; many in the Church hierarchy (including, sad to say, Pope Francis) are showing themselves to be indifferent if not hostile to Sacred Tradition.  No longer can we sit on our hands and suffer in silence while Our Lord is blasphemed and our children are scandalized.  For too long the malefactors have been comfortable in their mischief, assuming that we'll do and say nothing.  Well, as Dorothy Day might say, we have to afflict the comfortable.

Below I post a video of a protest that TFP Student Action did at Marquette University.  I presume that they did so in protest of the University's treatment of Dr. John McAdams, who tweeted his respect for God's plan for marriage.  Oh by the way - Marquette claims to be a Catholic institution.

As you watch this, you'll notice the horrid behavior of the campus left-wingers.  See how TFP Student Action does not back down.  While they are respectful, they make no effort to be conciliatory.  Indeed, that would be impossible without compromising truth.  We must emulate that.  As occasions arise, I'll be posting opportunities for such activism.


  1. Thanks to the Medical Profession and American Psychological association, this is what happens when you call sickness 'health'. Thanks to the Church's clergy, this is what happens when you when you listen to these "experts" instead of God, and the time-honored Traditions of the Church.

  2. No one but Trump had the "gender-specific attributes" to take on Obama's LGTB bathroom dictate. I thank God every day that he is our President. We MUST pray for him every day. These guys are heroic.

  3. Maybe some people here could have what it takes to defend the Catholic priesthood.


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