Thursday, February 9, 2017

Freemasonry's Role In Knights Of Malta Scandals

One Peter Five has published parts of a letter issued by Pope Francis to Cardinal Burke, asserting that "manifestations of a worldly spirit..must be prevented from being introduced into the order, including affiliations and associations, movements and organizations".  It would seem that Cardinal Burke, with the assistance of Fra Matthew Festing, was doing precisely that when they ousted Albrecht von Boeselager, who allowed Maltaser to distribute condoms.

But as we've seen, Festing was coerced into retiring and Cardinal Burke has been further marginalized by the appointment of Archbishop Becciu as "Special Delegate to the Knights of Malta".     Boeselager has been reinstated as Grand Chancellor.  Dare we speculate that he is free to resume his distribution of condoms vis-a-vis Maltaser?  But the article quoted by 1P5 highlights another detail, one that might otherwise have escaped notice.  The pope nullified all actions taken by Festing, going back to December 6.  One of those actions was the establishment of a commission to investigate a strange inheritance received by the Knights of Malta: 120 million (currency denomination not stated) into a Swiss bank account.  There is some speculation that it came from Boeselager himself; now that question is far from being investigated, let alone answered.  Do recall that Albrecht's brother, Georg Von Boeselager, was appointed as a director of the Vatican Bank during this time.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is NOT a coincidence!

The Lepanto Institute published a bit of history of the Knights of Malta, focusing on their centuries-old contentions with Freemasonry.  I agree that there is much more to this situation than meets the eye.


  1. No one so far wants to notice the elephant in the room. Years ago Opus Dei introduced members into the Knights of Malta. The Modernist subversives in the Vatican -- including at the Opus Dei College of the Holy Cross -- keep raising the issue that Catholics may use condoms "under some circumstances" --, with the goal of changing Church teaching that such practice is an intrinsically perverse violation of the Natural Law. The apostate clergy maintain that civil law does not proscribe contraception; therefore, in their heretical judgment condom use is not sinful. The papal mandate to remove faithful Catholics and replace them with clergy and laity in the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life who are "open to being surprised by the Holy Spirit" is all part of this design to make the Catholic Church approve contraception, starting with condoms....

  2. Great article! Thanks! So many things to consider, but even before 1P5 published their article, I saw a headline (didn't have time to go in and read it) that said: "To understand the Malta mess, follow the money." (I may not have the wording EXACTLY but it's close)

    Oh, and in regard to 'Opus Dei' that Douglas brought up, in the 1980s Opus Dei paid MILLIONS to the Vatican under John Paul 11, and a few weeks later they were accepted into the Church. So the 'pay to play' scenario has been going on in the Church probably since the very beginning. We'd be quite naive to think otherwise.

    And........wasn't it the head of the Freemasons in Spain(someone correct me if I didn't get that right)publish a 'congratulatory' article when Francis was elected? I remember part of it saying they were OVERJOYED at the selection of Francis. Just one more little incriminating piece of the puzzle. (guess I could google it to get all my facts correct:) One thing that I thing we can all say is CERTAIN.....something is really rotten in Denmark, and whatever it is has made its way to Rome.


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