Sunday, February 5, 2017

Modern Liberalism Is A Social Sin

For the first eight years of my school life, I attended parochial schools, then a private girls' high school - all Catholic.  The first five years of my religious education were unscathed by the so-called "spirit of Vatican II".  That all changed when I reached the sixth grade in fall of 1967.  I sensed the seismic shift as solid doctrine was exchanged for, well, I'm not sure what.  One of my more memorable "lessons" was when we were "learning" (?) about "freedom"; it started by us listening to a recording of Andy Williams singing "Born Free".  In lessons teaching about being "salt of the earth" we were "taught" that "Martin Luther King is salt of the earth".  At the time, Dr King was alive yet he was being de facto "canonized" by my classroom teachers.

We were also introduced to a term called "social sin".  Hitherto, we never heard of it, but we were hearing of it non-stop, to the exclusion of the doctrines of the Faith.  "Social sins" included the usual progressive bugaboos: racism, poverty and war.  The latter was quite politically charged, as the Vietnamese conflict was in full swing.  At any rate, "social sin" was the topic du jour, and being a faithful Catholic was equated to "working for social justice".

However, as anyone with working eyes and ears knows, "social justice" had really nothing to do with the individual Catholic donating any of his time or resources to combat problems.  No!  The main thrust of "Catholic social justice" was meant to lobby government to redistribute wealth to people deemed disadvantaged.  We were in fact demanding that the government act as our surrogates in terms of administering charity.  What we failed - or refused - to acknowledge is that in doing so, our charity ceased to be true charity, as the government taxed its citizenry to fund these efforts while mutating into an onerous behemoth

Pope St John Paul II, in his encyclical Solicitudo Rei Socialis, said that "social sin" proceeds from the accumulation of personal sins.  In other words, our violations of the Ten Commandments, Precepts of the Church, etc are at the root of social ills of the world.

Ironically, in its reckless haste to take up the "social justice" mantra while neglecting its true God-given mission to save souls, the Church hierarchy in this country unleashed a number of serious problems that themselves would accurately be termed "social sin", for they institutionalize a number of violations of God's commands and even elevate them to the level of "civic virtue".
  • In its call for government to take on roles for which it never was designed, these early progressives paved the way for the principle of subsidiarity to be disdained.  Local charities waned in importance while both church and the poor looked to governments to solve their problems.
  • In tasking government with charitable duties, the church gave its nod of approval to ever-increasing taxation to fund these undertakings.  Calling it "wealth redistribution" or "distributive justice", the church hierarchy gave tacit approval to rank violations of the Seventh Commandment.
  • The Church continues to look the other way as welfare is now a way of life for too many.  One of the early requirements for being a welfare recipient was the absence of a bread-winner in the family.  Thus black fathers left their homes, having devastating consequences:
    • Large number of children out of wedlock
    • Absence of fathers in the homes having devastating effects effects on children, leading to drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, criminalization (especially boys)
Now, in these days following the inauguration of President Trump's administration, the altruistic facade of liberalism is crumbling.  Its adherents, perhaps idealistic if naive in their early allegiance to liberalism, have been corrupted over the years by the de facto idolatry that has ascribed to government the status and honor due to God alone.  Some examples include:
  • The riots following Trump's victory in various cities.  While carrying placards declaring that Trump is "not my president", liberal hellions have set fire to cars, smashed shop windows and attacked others who dared so much as to wear pro-Trump clothing.
  • The "march for women" that featured Madonna threatening to blow up the White House, Ashly Judd ranting about her "nastiness" and hundreds of attendees dressed in "vagina" costumes
  • Highly-placed Democrats (such as Tim Kaine) issuing calls for continued street violence
  • Environmentalists openly calling for abortion to "protect the environment".
  • The "spontaneous" anti-Trump airport protests engineered by George Soros
  • The planned protest in Chicago to get Trump to release tax records - by mooning Trump Towers (How they think that will work is anyone's guess)
  • Global-warming alarmists admitting that their real goal is the destruction of capitalism
  • Increasing violence aimed at pro-lifers at baby-killing centers
  • The violent riots at Berkeley (again!)
These are recent occurrences.  There remains, on the part of the progressive bishops embroiled in the social sin of modern liberalism, the deafening silence regarding baby-murder and sins of the flesh, the non-stop kiss-ups to prominent pro-abortion personalities, the elevation of "global warming" to the de facto status of dogma, etc.

One tiny silver lining in the dark clouds of all the violence and mayhem committed by liberals is that their oh-so-sanctimonious veneer is crumbling from their collective face so that all who have eyes can see the vile evil underneath.  Of course the mainstream media (including "official" Catholic outlets) will, like the good little lap dogs that they are, do their damndest to sweep it under the rug.  If you're reading this, you've already discovered how to bypass the leftist media to get to some real information.  Please pass this along to your friends who may not be aware.

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