Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Father Michael Rodriguez On Pope Francis, Dubia, Filial Correction And Fatima

We are days away from the centennial anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima's last apparition to the three children.  On that day, the Miracle of the Sun occurred.  Rather than focus on that miracle, we must address the message of Our Lady of Fatima.  By and large, it has been disobeyed and the result has been nothing less than catastrophic.  She asked that the Pope, in union with the bishops, consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart.  Verbal tap-dancing and spin-meistering aside, that has not been done.

I post now a video of a talk given by Father Michael Rodriguez a few days ago.  He speaks on the topics of Fatima, Pope Francis, the Dubia and the Filial Correction.  It is an hour long but worth every minute.  Please watch it in its entirety.  Towards the end he recommends some actions.  To that list I might have added the wearing of the Brown Scapular and First Saturday devotions: (Mass, Confession, Rosary, visit to the Blessed Sacrament.


  1. We just watched this incredible video. This was one of the most clear, helpful, and inspiring talks we have heard about our stunning crisis in the church. Please, fellow Catholics, take the time to watch this. Fr. Rodriguez has given us a gift of incomparable value, and you will find yourself informed and consoled by his crystal clear and courageous witness. Share it with others! God bless him.

    1. Ditto! I would only add God bless and thank you, Restore D.C. Catholicism, for posting it! God bless you, Kathleen as well.

  2. His witness to these and other truths are why this holy priest is, in essence, exiled.

  3. I wish all priests would speak out as Fr.Rodriguez has. God bless you Father!


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