Thursday, October 19, 2017

McElroy To DC?

My!  How time flies!  Not until I saw Father Zuhlsdorf's post did I realize that Cardinal Wuerl is 76 years old, one year past retirement age.  Father Z, however, related a rather unpleasant rumor - that Bishop McElroy might be selected to replace the Cardinal.

In this anthology of posts, I addressed some comments "to the readers who have the misfortune to call him their bishop".  Well, will that misfortune be foisted upon us?  I'm not sure it really matters.  On the one hand, should Wuerl retire, we can be certain that anyone whom the pope might pick will be very similar to Wuerl.  McElroy would meet that requirement.  Any differences between Wuerl and McElroy are at most, matters of style.

Frankly, I'm not sure Cardinal Wuerl is retiring any too soon.  He's been too helpful to Pope Francis as the latter pours progressive poison both in and on the Church.


  1. I have been threatening to move. If this happens, I definitely will!

  2. Correct that any Bishop Bergoglio selects will be pretty much anti Catholic. The Church of Christ under this Pontificate seems to be full of anti Catholics.

  3. I prefer Wuerl to McElroy.wuerl doesn't want to rock the boat too much in either direction. And the direction depends on the regime in charge. McElroy on the other hand, will probably be in our faces everywhere all the time about implementing his agenda. In that case I would have to sell my house and move.

  4. As to Caterina's comment, I would agree with her. I don't live in the diocese, I'm in Chicago with Cupich, and as bad as HE IS, he hasn't yet implemented much (thank the dear Lord!)contrary to what we already had. "YET" is the key word here:) But he's had his hands full closing Parishes, so?? But from what I have read and noticed, Wuerl doesn't seem to have as heavy a hand with his progressive 'Catholicism' as McElroy does but time will tell I guess. Good Bishops seem to be far and few between thanks to Bergoglio and HIS anti Catholicism.


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