Saturday, October 7, 2017

Pro-Lifers, Support The Filial Correction Now!

Over the years I've come to respect Voice of the Family for offering a comprehensive and truly Catholic perspective it has given to the many moral and spiritual issues facing the world today.  By the way, Voice of the Family is not to be confuse with Voice of the Faithful; the latter is infested with dissidents.  Yesterday Voice of the Family released a post entitled "Why The Pro-Life Movement Should Support The Filial Correction".

I thoroughly concur with their conclusions that the pro-life movement will not succeed unless all Catholic clergy supports it.  At present, not all do.  Long before I started this blogging apostolate, I was (and still am) active in the pro-life movement.  Having been puzzled and yes, angered, by being stiff-armed by Church officials during various pro-life efforts, I realized that the hierarchy was infested by anti-life progressives.  I also knew that the Culture of Life could never be established until the infestation was removed from the Church.  Knowing that "light is the best disinfectant" I began this apostolate with the aim of informing the Catholic in the pews what was happening in our chanceries, at the USCCB, etc so that we would engage in remedial prayer and action.  I am honored to be just one of many such Catholics.

The article quotes Professor Josef Siefert's warnings that the moral ambiguities in Amoralis Lamentia threaten the entire basis of Catholic moral teaching.  Again I agree, but I'll add my hypothesis that this ambiguity is the effect desired by the authors of Amoralis Lamentia.  Actually it is more than an educated guess, for a high-ranking Vatican official was actually quite explicit about the deconstruction of Catholic moral principles.

That happened at a meeting this past week at Boston College.  A bevy of dissident Churchmen and "theologians" met to discuss AL  Also in attendance was papal confidante Fr. Antonio "2+2=5" Spadaro.  LifeSiteNews has reports of some of the bile that oozed from that gabfest.  Spadaro said, "it is no longer possible to judge people on the basis of a norm that stands above all."  There is a lot to unpack in this heretical statement.
  • "No longer possible".  Spadaro admitted (perhaps unwittingly) that such evaluation was the norm for the past 2000 years, and therefore is breaking with Church Tradition
  • If Spadaro allows for mutation of Church teaching, he is actually casting doubt on the very immutability of God Himself.  His Words cannot change for God cannot change.
  • Spadaro's heresy is precisely the subject of Siefert's warning about AL undermining the entirety of Church moral doctrine.
Fellow Catholic pro-lifers, we must come to grips with the quagmire that is Amoralis Lamentia.  If our shepherd desert us and even turn on us in this matter of Church doctrine changing, our efforts to save babies will be horribly undermined.  Please heed John Smeaton's plea for support of the Filial Correction.  I already signed it and urge you to do the same.

I now speak especially to those few who still insist on viewing this papacy through rose-colored glasses.  Wake up!  Acknowledge the facts that are daily slapping us all in the face!  Your denials of the serious problems hinder the corrections that need to occur.  In a word, stop lying to yourselves.  It isn't pleasant to believe that the Chief Shepherd is not helpful, but the situation is what it is.  For the sakes of your own souls, please take off the rose-colored glasses. 


  1. Thanks so much! H and I already signed it a few days ago. Fr. Martin, the infamous sodomite priest is due to come to Chicago to speak at Holy Name Cathedral (invited personally by Cupich of course) during the upcoming Lenten Season, and we are now trying to garner info on a protest.....but....we have some time, so..pray for us too here in Chicago!

  2. Father "Sock puppet" Spadaro is not thinking for himself here. The "no longer possible" part is lifted straight from Amoris itself, paragraph 301, which states: "Hence it can no longer simply be said that all those in any 'irregular' situation are living in a state of mortal sin." Actually the Church has never said that; what the Church has always said is that someone living more uxorio with a person not their spouse may not receive Holy Communion, which is what the infamous Footnote 315 goes on to assert. This "can no longer be said" part is a problem for the "Hermeneutic of Continuity" people who want to interpret Amoris according to Tradition--a problem they have yet to notice, it seems, let alone face head on. How can something which says that something else can no longer be said be said to be saying the same thing which has always been said? In short, it can't. No wonder Father Spadaro wishes 2 + 2 could just go ahead and equal 5 once in a while!

  3. Hence the need for papal clarification, as the dubia cardinals asked over a year ago. That the pope hasn't given an answer is an indication that he actually desires this obfuscation.

  4. The problem no one seems to want to face is there is nothing to clarify. The Pope has made it absolutely clear that he stands with Spadaro and his group. Unfortunately, there is nothing to clarify, unless you are blind and deaf.


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