Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dreamer Advocates Are Dupes For Alinskyites And Blasphemers

From Catholic News Agency, we read that yesterday about 100 protesters - many of them religious - engaged in a "Catholic Day of Action with Dreamers" at the Russell Senate Office Building.  Approximately 40 of them engaged in civil disobedience, prompting their arrests.  According to the article, it was "an event planned by Catholic social advocacy groups".  Really?  And who might these be?  Two of them are from the "usual gang of suspects".  Reading on, we find that they are:
  • PICO - They are one of several "community organizing" rackets operating under the philosophy and methodology of Saul Alinsky.  Much has been written about them; among their many harmful pet causes is - or was - the promotion of Obamacare.
  • Faith in Public Life - a leftwing front organization funded by George Soros
  • More progressive groups (many featured on this blog) are listed here and here.
The third is something called the DC Catholic Coalition.  Since I hadn't heard of them before reading this article, I decided a search was in order so I googled the name.  I came up with a facebook page belonging to something called "Catholic Coalition".  The memes on the page of this ostensibly "Catholic" organization leave something to be desired - like basic morality, for one.  Here is one, and I regret the offense to sensibilities.  However, we need to see the mentality behind the leaders of this "Catholic Day of Action with Dreamers".

The blasphemy is obvious.  There are more on that page, and some of those are worse than the one to the right.

That is the only link I saw to something entitled "Catholic Coalition".  If the DC Catholic Coalition is not affiliated with this facebook one, please provide proof, along with members' names.  I believe these are one and the same.  Even if they aren't, the PICO and the FPL affiliations by themselves show that the leadership of this "dreamer" sit-in do not adhere to the True Faith.  These squalid associations are typical of those who glom onto "seamless garbage" idiology.  The Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen once quipped that Judas was the "patron saint of social justice".  He was right and time again we see this played out.  We faithful Catholics will continue to expose their lunacy.


  1. Well well well,
    Can’t make it up!
    So a Catholic diocese encompassing central and poor eastern Kentucky really needs its bishop to go to Dc, be president of a peace love and hair grease outfit and be part of a demonstration that gets 40 Catholics arrested???
    And we have a shortage of priests and few to none coming out of seminary in next year or so???
    Yes but that dreamer thing- that should be a top priority!

  2. For the story of how Alinsky used the Chicago Catholic Church, Egan, Bernardin, et al, and the Catholic Bishops Campaign for Human Development as his "tontos utiles," check out- availabale on line: THE INFLUENCE OF SAUL ALINSKY ON THE CAMPAIGN FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. by LAWRENCE J. ENGEL
    Publication Information: Article Title: The Influence of Saul Alinsky on the Campaign for Human Development. Contributors: Lawrence J. Engel - author. Journal Title: Theological Studies. Volume: 59. Issue: 4. Publication Year: 1998

  3. My archdiocese and many others were urging the faithful to call their representatives about DACA.


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