Friday, February 2, 2018

The Wolves Of Red China Fed By The Vatican

Two weeks ago I wrote of the alarming situation in Red China, as have other Catholic bloggers.  To be clear, we are outraged not so much with the Communist thugs, for we know they are behaving in their typical manner.  The supreme disgrace is the handshaking that the Vatican is doing with the Communist government in allowing them a voice in nominating bishops at the expense of real bishops in China who have endured horrific persecution for their fidelity to Christ and His Church.  The pope has gone so far as to "ask these faithful bishops to resign" so that Communist puppets can take their place.  I put that phrase in quotes for it really means that he is strong-arming these bishops into deserting their posts: in a word, firing them.

Cardinal Joseph Zen, the leading prelate of China (albeit retired due to his age), has said outright that the Vatican "is selling out the Catholic Church in China" by "giving blessing to the schismatic church.  Of course this betrayal by these wolves in shepherds' clothing will only imperil further the faithful Catholics in China.

I mentioned that other bloggers are aghast at this disgraceful conduct on the part of the Vatican, which includes the pope.  One Peter Five has an excellent piece.  The title of his is a question: "Is The Vatican Surrendering To China?"  I would submit that the answer is a resounding "NOT AT ALL!"  The Vatican isn't surrendering to China any more than Mussolini surrendered to Hitler.  We're talking of diabolical partnerships between people of evil intent.


  1. The Vatican is also surrendering to the Third Path Euthanasia Movement. Two Project on Death in America George Soros scholars Drs. Foley and Sulmasy are members of the newly constituted Pontifical Academy for Life. Foley was in charge of $45 M in PDIA grant monies to promote the low profile or Third Path Euthanasia Movement in America. The PAV are set to sponsor a workshop titled "Palliative Care Everywhere and by Everybody" at the end of this month. By everyone??
    Does that mean doctors and nurses and other healthcare workers should be bound by people's advance directives which may ask for no artificial hydration and nutrition, no ventilator, etc. when good medical care and Catholic teaching suggest otherwise? Please see the Statement released this week by the new pro-life laity group John Paul II Academy for Human Life and Family (JAHLF) which clarifies the Catholic teaching on EOL issues and see the article by M. Hickson written for OnePeterFive wrote about this statement. Elizabeth Wickham

  2. Not surprising to me......the Holy Francis is a commie!

  3. This is undeniably one of the most horrendous betrayal the faithful has ever lived through coming from the 'Vicar of Christ'. And yes, the Vatican is indeed ponying up with the death proponents in the newly established Pontifical Academy for 'LIFE'. Euthanasia will be introduced according to the wishes of the 'advance directives' of people, forcing Dr.s to kill their patients according to their patients' wishes........FOR NOW. But it will soon after that morph into 'mandatory' euthanizing of people according to the illness they suffer from and/or the 'age' qualifications.....unless God intervenes before that....we PRAY that happens, just as we pray for the end of this Papacy, one way or another.

  4. Oh, Lord save us from Pope Francis the Destroyer!

  5. This is VERY serious stuff. It alone cold lead to a schism in the Church!


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