Thursday, February 22, 2018

Call-In For Immigrant Control On February 26 Monday

A few days ago, the USCCB, lamenting that the Senate did not give more amnesty to "dreamers", announced a National Catholic Call-In Day to Protect Dreamers on Monday Feb 26.  In other words, Catholics are being asked to call their congress people to "protect dreamers".  Well, that's probably not all that the USCCB wants protected.   If the "dreamers" and other illegals continue to stream across the border, the bishops and Catholic Charities stand to receive lots and lots of Federal grant money.  Isn't it peculiar how they didn't mention that in their little press release?  Sshhh!  They don't want the sheeple to know lest they wake up and not make those phone calls to Congress!

Let's have a "call-in day" of our own!  Let's call Congress and tell them to get that wall built.  Tell them to strengthen the border-control personnel.  Tell them that when it comes to immigrant concerns, that the legitimate needs of citizens and legal immigrants take precedence.  We must call.  The progressives are very disciplined about taking these actions.  So too must we be.


  1. From a patriotic point of view, it is not only allowed, but mandatory and praiseworthy that a nation preserves its prosperity and prevents indiscriminate and illegal immigration. So let's build walls across our southern boarder, not bridges!

    And let's pray for an end to these "hippy" Bishops who come up with ideas such as a "National Catholic Call-In Day." Give me a break! These Bishops need to wear tie-dyed vestments!

  2. We need to flood the lines with "Protect Americans First" calls!

  3. And how about a call-in day for the babies. The bishops show up at the March for Life and then disappear for the most part. And when was the last time you heard them say call in and demand we stop funding Planned Parenthood. Hard for them to do that since the USCCB supports groups that support PP.


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