Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Father Spadaro Points Long Knives At Raymond Arroyo - Call Him Out On It

It was almost exactly three years ago when Father Thomas Rosica, a highly-placed Vatican official, threatened to sue the blogger behind Vox Cantoris (see right side-bar).  The latter had commented on public comments made by Rosica that betrayed Rosica's dissident perspectives on matters of Catholic doctrine.  Other faithful Catholic bloggers shone the light on Rosica's despicable attempts and he was forced to stand down lest he make the Vatican appear to be a bunch of vindictive fools.

Well, maybe it isn't just a matter of appearances at the Vatican and perhaps they failed to learn their lessons.  It appears that Father Antonio Spadaro has drawn his long knives and is pointing them directly at Raymond Arroyo of EWTN.  LifeSiteNews shows where Spadaro retweeted a call for EWTN to be put under interdict if they don't fire Arroyo.

I could be wrong, but I don't believe an interdict can be placed on any group of Catholics because of some willy-nilly whim.  Certain conditions must be present, one of them being the commission of a gravely immoral act.  No one in their right minds can pretend that the discussions in which Arroyo is participating constitute gravely immoral acts.  Perhaps the dissident lay Catholic who originally tweeted that nonsense doesn't know that (and maybe doesn't care), but certainly Spadaro should know better than that.  Like Father Rosica did three years ago, Spadaro is making himself appear to be the vindictive fool, resenting the light that is being shone on his misdeeds - not to mention ignorance of canon law.  But perhaps we're not talking merely of "appearance", but "fact".

As we did for Vox Cantoris three years ago, so again must we do for Raymond Arroyo.


  1. Thank you for talking about this. We are appalled at the level of totalitarian thuggery coming out of our Vatican these days. Do these men have any sense of their own scandalous behavior? It has become painfully obvious these men are abusing the relative power of their office and using social media to launch "attacks by dog whistle" signaling others to do their dirty work. It is outrageous for churchmen to behave this way! There is certainly nothing "Christ-like" about what they are doing, and this includes the pope who has obviously had the power of the office go to his head.
    Raymond Arroyo is a superb journalist, and he is only asking the questions we have. What are these men going to do to silence US when we get in their way? Are they preparing letters WE must sign to show our allegiance to the pope?? What will they threaten if we don't sign, excommunication? Our church is being run by sodomitical Mafioso, and this behavior is completely unacceptable.
    EWTN surely will not comply, dear God, the ghost of Mother Angelica would come back and haunt them all should they even consider it. EWTN would surely end, if that ever happened. Mother's words, "I'll blow it up before I let you get your hands on it" never seemed more relevant".
    Dear God help us battle these evil men.

  2. Francis’ papacy is burning, which explains why Rosica and others are so shrill. It is the DUTY of every thinking Catholic to take stand for Catholicism and against these heretics, and do whatever they can to contribute to the excoriation of this disgraceful Pontificate.

    Go Raymond, go! Those of us with eyes to see and a brain to go with it are behind you!

    (PS/ Mother Angelica, pray for us: We need your "guts")

  3. The Vatican under Pope Francis is run like a communist regime! Almost daily, the crisis worsens. Now, Francis has his USA lackey, Cardinal Blaze Cupich, spreading the pope's heresy in this country.

  4. I have thought for a long time now that the carrying on by those in offices in Rome is on par with high school girls, gossiping, clic promoting, ostracizing, bullying, ganging up, and total and complete self indulging.

    So outrageously petty is their behavior, it is a total insult to manhood. But then, we know they are not real men. God help us.


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