Saturday, March 17, 2018

More Of Pope Benedict's Real Letter Is Revealed

Two days ago, I posted the news that the Vatican had owned up to its dishonest alterations of a letter written by Pope Benedict XVI.  It turns out that even their "owning up" wasn't completely honest.  Edward Pentin and Sandro Magister reveal what we think and hope is the real complete letter penned by the pope emeritus.  It turns out that Benedict refused to write the review because those works contained contributions by Peter Huenermann, a dissident theologian who took potshots at Benedict during his pontificate.  Eponymous Flower has more on his screeds.

While I'm sure that there has been corruption in the Vatican for some time, I now believe that under this pontificate, the corruption is not so much endured as applauded and even mandated.  If there isn't a major personnel shake-up in the Vatican communication operations over this latest debacle, then there is no denying where the current pontiff stands on these matters.


  1. As Fr. Z said, this is some kind of goat rodeo. Good grief, how embarrassing.

  2. If it were not so tragic to the Catholic Church, a carnival like this should go on for a thousand years!

  3. Franciscus & Co. emulate Putin's cohorts?

  4. They are ALL Satan's MINIONS......make no mistake about that!! These deviants LIE as easily and natural as BREATHING! How can anyone believe one word coming out of this Den of Iniquity??


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