Saturday, March 3, 2018

Pope Francis: The Movie

No, it's not a joke.  A German leftwing activist, himself an apostate Catholic, is making a movie about the pope - with the pope's cooperation!  This activist has had a history of making these movies.  Truth be told, they all look like miserable flops.  But that won't stop the amoral Catholic-bashing powers-that-be in Hollywood, especially since the movie will attempt to portray the pope as a hero (I said "attempt" for I suspect the film will be at most clownish).

Michael Matt suggests boycotting this thing.  I might suggest that we picket it, too, should a movie theater decide to waste one of their spaces on this thing.


  1. May I suggest a book alternative:
    "Lost Shepard How Pope Francis Is Misleading His Flock"

  2. Is there to be no end to this positively dreadful idiocy? That cretinous German director is certainly no Cecil B. DeMille---but that probably makes him the perfect director for this Looney Tunes cartoon that will pass itself off as a "serious film".


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