Friday, March 2, 2018

USCCB = Unscrupulous Syndicate of Cash-Craving Bishops

In this Vortex, Michael Voris misspeaks when he describes "dreamers" as "children born in America to illegal aliens".  In fact, the "dreamers" themselves were born in their native countries and brought here by their parents as they crossed our borders illegally.  They are not "anchor babies".  Also, Bishop Paprocki didn't so much urge Dick Durbin not to present himself for Holy Communion.  While the bishop did that in the past, he recently instructed his priests that they are not to administer Holy Communion to him.  Durbin refused to obey Canon 916, so now Bishop Paprocki is  implementing Canon 915.

All in all though, Voris did an excellent job in summarizing how the USCCB is on the Democrats' financial leash.  Consider the disgusting attack staged by the Texas Catholic Conference against Texas Right to Life. I believe the Texas bishops were simply pandering to their progressive sugar daddies when they hurled their long knives at Texas Right to Life; see here and here.  Recall the millions that some of the Texas Catholic Charities offices received to "settle immigrants".  Consider that as Voris comments about all this "concern" that the USCCB has for illegals.

By the way - Voris made mention of the Catholic Relief Services.  The CRS is conducting its "rice bowl" campaign during Lent.  Here is a way that you can "do operation rice bowl" in a most productive and educational manner.


  1. If there is any example of Catholic bishops who have more consistently abandoned the teaching of Our Lord, and tried to appease everything and everyone than at the USCCB, it does not readily come to mind.

  2. And here's a quiz: other than abortion, name something that isn't supported by both the USCCB and the Democrat party.

  3. Yes, Voris did do a good job in exposing the REASON for the Bishops pandering to the 'party of death'. Very simply put: FOLLOW THE MONEY. (and you'll see the why of their anti Catholic rantings) It's really a disgusting thing to watch.


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