Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The God Of Surprises Ain't So Surprising

Last Saturday I opined how this upcoming "youth synod" is appearing to be quite similar in intent to the "family synods" of a few years back that resulted in the dung heap known as Amoralis Lamentia.  Today's post from One Peter Five confirms my suspicions.  It seems that a number of young people who participated in the English-speaking contingent of the "Pre-Synodal Meeting of Young People" are keenly interested in the promotion of traditional practices such as adoration, Gregorian chant and of course the Latin Mass in Extraordinary Form. 

The meeting took place from March 19-24 in Rome, with approximately 300 in attendance.  Lickety-split, on March 24, the Final Document of the Pre-Synodal Meeting of Young People was released.  My!  That document was produced with remarkable speed and alacrity!  Why, a suspicious sort of person might insinuate that it was typed and ready to go even before the attendees arrived on March 19th.  Perish the thought!  Why, that has never, ever happened in the Church's history, right?  Right??!? (/sarc)

Some of the faithful Catholics have voiced displeasure at the short shrift that their concerns received in that document.  They understand that their numbers are significant and would have expected to have their wishes treated in a commensurate fashion.  But let's face it.  We are dealing with a Vatican - and a pontiff - who seem to be doing all they can to obliterate Tradition - both in worship and in teaching.  If they manipulated the 2014 meeting to such an extent that Cardinal Pell had to openly rebuke them, why should we be surprised at any manipulation of the meeting that ended a few days ago?  I don't know for certain that such subterfuge occurred, but there is precedent for such a hypothesis.

Their "god of surprises" is being revealed as a "god of the ssame-old-same-old".  By the way - check out what my blogging colleaague, Catholic American Thinker, has to say on the matter.


  1. What do you expect from a pope who almost certainly disagrees with and opposes many of the central teachings of the Church, and as a result, has focused his papacy on doing as much as possible to alter those teachings and, thus (it cannot fairly be said otherwise) destroy the Church as we know it?

    I hope that this horrible pontificate comes to a "merciful" end. So many souls are being led astray.

  2. It will be rigged just like the last Synod.

  3. How much worse Lord, does this have to get before it gets BETTER?? Although I wish, as Jmbutk wishes that this pontificate would come to a 'merciful' end, I also look at the next conclave, looking around at the pool of Bishops that are Pontiff material, and it looks bleak at best.

    Indeed, this 'Sinod' is rigged just as the last one was, and I don't think they really care if we KNOW it is rigged or not. Seems that they consider themselves UNTOUCHABLE. And with the silence of our Catholic Bishops they are. There is no push back, none in the slightest will dare to stand up to 'The Vatican Machine'.

    1. I believe the correct spelling should be SINODD.


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