Friday, October 12, 2018

More Vomit From The Youth Sin-Nod

What else can be expected when it starts off with the pope carrying a wiccan stang into the opening Mass?  I just started to glance at the Instrumentum Laboris and that promises to be a stinker, too.

At this thing, the attendees were put into fourteen groups for discussion, all led by prelates.  Cardinal Cupich led one, Cardinal Maradiaga another.  Right there you can see the rigging in the works.  Cupich's group allegedly called for "recognition of other forms of family".  Stop right there.  A family comes about when a biologically born man and a biologically born woman enter into matrimony and beget/raise children.  Not two men, not two women, not self-mutilated people or any other permutation, pretenses and delusions notwithstanding.  So why might I think that Cupich might have forced that conclusion?  Well, let's examine the following facts about his Archdiocese of Chicago.

Father Rigoberto Gamez of St Aloysius parish has recently been charged with several instances of sexual battery.  He is now ordered to wear a monitoring bracelet.  Currently he is Associate Vicar for Canonical Affairs for the Chicago archdiocese.  Will he retain that position and his parish assignment?

Father Michael Guimon of the Friars Servants of Mary is head of the priory at Our Lady of Sorrows National Basilica in Chicago.  Within that priory he hosts what are essentially gay hook-up meetings and he is a "gay masseur".  In other words, he has turned the basilica into a sodomite orgy den, profaning that sacred place with filthy abominations.

Will Cupich laicize these two?  Who knows?  We do know he has the long knives out for Father Kalchik who is still in hiding lest he be dragged to St Luke's because his parishioners burned a gay flag.  This is the sort of prelate who has been given a key role in this sin-nod.

I post now a video from Remnant TV showing a rather raucous performance by young people, with prelates obviously enjoying it.  One commenter wrote that he noticed just how much the bishops were enjoying seeing young men gyrate and prance about.  Sadly he's probably correct.   See for yourselves and keep praying.


  1. I wonder what happened to the two priests from Chicago that were caught in Florida in a car on a busy street, nude and having sex in broad daylight? Haven't hear anything on what happened to these two...has anyone? As far as I know, Cupich hasn't done anything to them! But....we all know and have heard how he is persecuting both Fr. Kalchik and Fr. Phillips both Pastors of traditional Churches in Chicago! With Fr. Phillips it seems to me that Cupich was instrumental in bringing false charges of 'inappropriate relations' with men. Found exonerated of all charges, he proceeded to ban him from ministry in the Diocese all together regardless and sent him off to live with his order in St. Louis, MO. (last I heard, Fr. Phillips is fighting his removal legally but haven't heard how far he's gotten) No doubt he's using these two faithful priests as an example for other priests in Chicago as a warning not to promote Catholicism lest they get the 'Cupich AX'. Cupich is a horrible apostate pretending to be Catholic. One bright spot to the 'Chicago apostasy'....Steven Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) has rebooted his group and they are beginning with Cupich in Chicago. They are in the process of composing a letter to him stating that they will do a fine tooth comb investigation on him and the entire Diocese and do it legally. After Chicago, they plan on scoping the entire country for corruption. Pray for them! And support them financially if possible particularly those from the Chicago Archdiocese but regardless, they are determined to go after all of the corrupt prelates nationwide in due time. They are going to need the support of the faithful both in prayer and in finances. (RCF back in the 90's were soley responsible for taking down Bishop Daniel Ryan of Springfield, the infamous homosexual predator back in the 90's). They are going to need much prayer and especially to keep them safe, as even back then they were receiving many death threats etc. He says they are starting with Chicago because Chicago seems to be the octopus that has many tentacles reaching out all over the country. May St. Michael the Archangel protect them and may the Blessed Mother keep them all under her Mantle. (there is an interview on CM of Steven Brady with Michael Voris for those interested)

  2. The Sin-Odd is a TOTAL joke. Stand by for the announcement that we must now "accept" LGBT QRSTUV!

  3. TLM- To answer your question: they jumped the queue, and were raised to the top of the list for future bishoprics, probably in the Washington DC area. Pray for a nationwide RICO action naming almost every bishop, archbishop and cardinal in America as defendants; with seizure of all their cash, accounts, beach homes, cocaine, and stock portfolios. Begin with depositions of all their personal chefs. Offer full immunity to some sodounderlings, and put their butts in federal prison. My view: Strong message to follow. Guy McClung, Texas

  4. Good grief! Looks more like the Academy Awards than a Vatican meeting. Wonder if they had round the clock viewings of Dirty Dancing.


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