Thursday, October 18, 2018

Yet Another Reason To Curtail In-Pew Donations In Washington - And Federal Investigations Commence!

As if the $50k-per-month retainer arrangement wasn't enough, we now learn that the Archdiocese of Washington paid CNN to run ads that extol the supposed "accomplishments" of Cardinal Wuerl.  Now what does it really mean when we say "Archdiocese of Washington paid"?  It means, fellow Catholics of the Archdiocese of Washington, that the funds for this image-rehabilitation futility came from our donation dollars. Well, not mine since I made the corrections not to allow my donation dollars to be funneled to diocesan bank accounts.

The hubris and self aggrandizement of Wuerl is an outrage.   Does he really believe that we are so stupid as to fall for that codswallop hook-line-and-sinker?  I regret that some still persist in stubborn denial, but more and more are having the scales fall from their eyes.

Speaking of expenses, one might wonder if Cardinal Wuerl might be dismissing the Jones Day law firm, the one to which the archdiocese was paying a monthly retainer of $50k to cover the Cardinal's, uh.., "hind regions".  I wouldn't bet on that.  Federal investigators are launching their own probes into the allegations broached by the state of Pennsylvania.  Once again, that means that both Wuerl and McCarrick are directly implicated.  If I was one of the investigators, I'd see to it that Wuerl's and McCarrick's passports were immediately revoked.  By the way - in addition to being alarmingly close to schools, McCarrick's penitential hideaway is also close to an airport?  Don't the hierarchical wolves think of everything?

Let the investigations commence.  Keep your prayers coming, but stop the dollar flow.


  1. The Church insists that there is no accountability for finances (lay trusteeism) and no accountability for bishops (divine right of episcopoi): insist that there is no money.

  2. Such narcissism! Is Donna still living in luxury on Embassy Row? How's the view from his rooftop terrace !

    "Lock 'em up!"

  3. Maybe not federal, but DC just launched an investigation:


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