Friday, October 12, 2018

Pope Francis Accepts Wuerl's Resignation As DC Archbishop

I certainly was delighted to see that news this morning.  By the way - isn't it just the strangest of coincidences that news like this often breaks on Fridays?  It's like some people hope that the weekend will help dissipate interest in the topic at large, right?  But I digress.

But as I pondered the pope's request that Wuerl remain as an interim administrator in DC until a successor is named and installed, my jubilation was tempered somewhat.  Just how long will this selection process take?  Is this "resignation acceptance" thing just a ploy to allow Wuerl to retain all his authority and influence while pretending that he really isn't doing that?  Speaking of authority, Wuerl will still retain his position at the College for Bishops.  I'd also be willing to bet that he'll have significant input, if not sole discretion, in the selection of his successor.

The CM link has the full text of the pope's letter in which he accepts Wuerl's resignation.  As you read it, please have some peptol bismol at the ready and try not to punch your computer screens.  His praise of Wuerl is over the top, yapping and yammering about his "heart of the shepherd" and "nobility".  Oh, puleeze!  Get real!  Oh, wait a minute!  What can we expect? In many ways the pope and Wuerl are two peas from the same pod.

Another pea from that same pod is Father Rosica - yes, this one!  After the news broke, he let loose with a tweet praising Wuerl, saying "he touched us".  One might wonder just where was he touched?  Given the fact that Wuerl is suffering the just desserts of having covered for McCarrick and other predators, we can only state that Rosica's choice of words was oafish and boorish at best.  Or perhaps it was quite the Freudian slip.

Catholics in the DC archdiocese, please be alert as to how this news is handled at Mass this Sunday.  Share your reactions in the comment boxes if you'd like.  We will all keep praying our Rosaries, as many more clerical dissidents and predators need to be removed.

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  1. I can't wait to see the Modernist they will appoint as his successor.


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