Sunday, February 3, 2019

Justice For The Covington Boys - The First Steps

A week or two ago we heard that lawyers representing Nick Sandmann and some other students of Covington High were contemplating legal action.  The contemplation is over and the first steps have been taken.  A team of seven lawyers have sent document preservation letters to 54 entities on behalf of the boys.  These entities include: the Diocese of Covington, the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Kathy Griffin, Elizabeth Warren.

I say good for the boys and their attorneys.  Let the left-wing lemmings squirm, those who rushed to throw high school kids under a bus because they wore MAGA hats and didn't offer grovelling obeisance to some activist fraud who banged drums in their faces.  That goes double for the Catholic dioceses and their cowardly prelates.


  1. I'd rather have money from the collection go to the boys in damages than all the money paid to cover up and silence victims of clergy sex abuse.

  2. The President should sue all those who have spoken calumny about him: we could pay off the national debt!

  3. According to CM & Lepanto - Bp Stowe of Lexington diocese was out of his territory again this weekend giving a homosexual etc RETREAT at Notre Dame. I certainly hope those attendees heard fire & brimstone preaching which brought them back. Swampland in Florida for sale also.


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