Friday, February 1, 2019

World Youth Craze

The annual extravaganza known as "World Youth Day", this time in Panama, has come and gone.  Ostensibly it is to answer the spiritual needs of young people in the Church.  However, that is not quite the case.  Organizers have said that the "central themes" would be immigration, environment and role of women in the Church.  In other words, it would be a brainwashing project to insinuate leftist/socialists ideas to naive young people.  If this truly was about spiritually nourishing young people, wouldn't appropriate themes include repentance, conversion, Sacraments, growth in holiness, necessity of chastity and other such topics?

One Latin American attendee wrote his account of his trip there and it is published on the Church Militant site.  He was profoundly disappointed at the raucous atmosphere there, and even aspects of what we know as the "hook-up culture".  To be clear, reverence was to be found among the attendees, but often that happened in spite of the organization.  Take, for instance, this time of Eucharistic adoration and Benediction.  Observe the grotesque object that passes for a monstrance stand.  I fear that could be a horrid distortion of our Blessed Mother.  If so, both she and Our Lord were targets of sacrilege.

Carelessness seemed to be the order of the day.  GloriaTV reports that after one of those huge outdoor Masses, one young man found a Host on the ground.  Fortunately the young man consumed the Host immediately to protect Our Lord from further maltreatment.  How many others fell to the ground and were perhaps trodden underfoot?

I have not heard any reports of any workshops and talks that occurred.  Please check the Church Militant link; that rap-singing, break-dancing routine is supposed to depict the Annunciation.  Ladies and gentlemen, can we say "irreverent blasphemy"?

Now onto the February meeting for the "protection of minors".  They were ill-served last week.


  1. It is impossible for these men to be involved in anything and not have it turn out as ugly as possible. This monstrosity holding the monstrance, what is it...a weird angel? I have a feeling that is supposed to be the Blessed Mother, holding Christ, and it just looks WEIRD. So weird. Honestly, whatever Satan does is pale imitation, often bizarre looking, even people who serve Satan get odd looking. And here is that principle again. It's a little maddening, their Communist "themes". This wasn't World Youth Day, it was a Junior Democrats meeting! All their topics as well, how convenient.
    Oh Lord, please do something about this wrecked church.


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