Monday, February 25, 2019

The Sex Scandal And The Papacy

The sex-summit dog-and-pony show in Rome ended a few days ago.  As anticipated by those with two brain cells firing in syncopation, this thing was a farce conducted with the intention to fool people into thinking that the pope and high-ranking prelates are serious about sex abuse by the clergy.  Oh, they're serious, all right!  Serious about protecting it for their own perverted pleasures, it would seem.

Natacha Jaitt, an Argentine media celebrity, accused Gustavo Vera of trafficking children for sexual exploitation.  Vera is a close friend of Pope Francis'.  She was set to testify against Vera in a few weeks - but was found dead this past Saturday.  Her family is calling her death murder.  I post below an interview that she conducted with an Argentine blogger who was doing his own investigation.  He alleges that Vera shipped children to the Vatican "for the Pope and his accomplices".  Let that sink in.  If it's true, the implications are horrendous - but would explain why the pope and his buddies were so quick to poo-poo the idea that homosexuality is a factor in the clerical sex abuse situation.  I will post that interview below, but this post will continue below that.  I understand that the man being interviewed is now missing.

Was this sex-summit a feeble attempt to mollify us, the Great Unwashed, so that we would stop poking into their perversions?   Is this why Vatican personnel are bad-mouthing the two surviving dubia cardinals?  Even Cardinal Marx can't avoid acknowledging the existence of a homosexual cabal in the Vatican; he acknowledges also that evidence has been destroyed.  Was Vera, close friend of Pope Francis, sending young boys to the Vatican to be preyed upon by the wolves in shepherds' clothing?

I now post a video of a discussion between Taylor Marshall, Michael Voris and a third gentleman whose name I didn't catch.  They discuss the question of whether or not Pope Francis should resign.  I am increasingly becoming convinced that Francis could be an anti-pope, with Benedict XVI still the true pope.  There have been indications that Benedict's resignation was, at least in part, coerced, rendering it invalid.  Given the additional information that we now have regarding the St Gallen Mafia, I've no reason to doubt that they would have exerted pressure on Benedict to tender a rather strange resignation.

As the gentlemen said, please keep praying your Rosaries.


  1. I think you are right on the money. Oh and the3third gentleman is Tim Gorden. He is on regularly with Dr Marshall. Their podcasts are long but excellent!

  2. The (homosexual)Sex Sin Odd is over: move along now, nothing to see here.......

    1. PS/ I began to believe that Poop Francis was the antipope 5 years ago!

  3. Check out Ann Barnhart's blog on why benedict is still pope...very interesting and a way out of this mess.

  4. Remember that scene in A Christmas Carol, when the Ghost of Jacob Marley asks Scrooge, "why do you doubt the evidence of your own senses?". We have seen so much, too much, but it's still hard for most of us to believe, the church has been entirely taken over by the worst kind of demonic perverts and scoundrels. They're capable of anything, which is why Abp. Vigano is in hiding. They would molest boys, wreck their lives, then kill to keep their cozy lifestyle going. This does not seem far-fetched at all.

  5. Prepare to be mocked, derided and dismissed. You will be in good company. When it is all over, prepare for the rats to slither up and tell you they always thought that, too.

  6. "By their fruits you will know them" ~ Matthew 7:16

  7. Please also check Brother Alexis Bugnolo's blog wherein the canonical argument for the invalidity of Benedict's resignation is clearly laid out.


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