Thursday, April 25, 2019

Cardinal Nighty-Night Tobin Distorts Christ's Teachings On Homosexuality

Last week Cardinal "Nighty-night" Tobin gave an interview, during which he misrepresented Catholic teaching on homosexuality, perhaps in an attempt to demonize the Church and to gin up sympathy for sodomites. When asked by a reporter if the Church calls homosexuals "intrinsically disordered", Tobin replied in the affirmative.  He opined that the language was "hurtful" and expressed desire that the language would "become a little less hurtful".

But that's not what the Church teaches.  She never teaches that people are disordered, but rather their sinful inclinations are.  Yes, the inclination to homosexuality is intrinsically disordered, since sexuality is ordered to procreation.  The inclination is itself not sinful.  However, if a person so afflicted acts on that disordered inclination, then he or she does commit sin.

There are two likely reasons for Tobin's gaffe.  Either he is abysmally ignorant of Church teaching on this topic, OR, he is deliberately lying regarding the Church's teachings in order to make the Church appear as an ogre bent on oppressing sodomites.  I strongly suspect it's the latter.

Msgr Charles Pope, in an article in the National Catholic Register, clearly laid out Christ's teachings on homosexual conduct, as they have been recognized for centuries.  He also warned errant clergy of their culpability, should they dare encourage this mortal sin or contradict Our Lord Himself.  Cardinal Sarah likewise laid out a dire warning to his fellow prelates.  Cardinal "Nighty-Night" is a Prince of the Church.  As such, he will have much for which to answer if he doesn't repent of his fomenting of dissent that has no doubt led many souls straying into hell.

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  1. Cardinal Nighty night is worried about how they"feel"? Can't you imagine him asking them when they get to hell if Satan can adjust the fire to make them less "uncomfortable"?


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