Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Downward Spiral Of The Archdiocese Of Washington Is Now Officially Declared

The long-dreaded announcement came this morning.  Sodomite-enabling Archbishop Wilton Gregory will leave the Archdiocese of Atlanta and will replace Cardinal Wuerl.  Several things are accomplished by this move:
  • This move makes plain that the Vatican pledges for reform have been nothing more than a joke, a sham.
  • The faith-wrecking legacy of Bernardin, Wuerl, McCarrick et al will continue to march on - unless we put up a fight.
  • Souls will continue to be led astray and into hell as the pro-sodomite juggernaut stomps through our schools and parishes.
  • This one may be a blessing in disguise.  Faithful Catholics who have hitherto been reticent about speaking out and taking action will be forced by dint of duty to oppose the onslaught of evil that will continue and probably increase.  Either that or there will be a reckoning at Judgment Day.
For now, I direct you to a petition started by LifeSiteNews and ask you to sign it and to tell your friends about it.  By the way - as I read the list of travesties committed by Gregory, I must admit that he has nothing on Wuerl or McCarrick.  However, his appointment is an unmistakable indication that the pope approves of these insults to the Faith.

Stay in touch with both this blog and the website of Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform.  Therein you will find news of activities in which we must participate.  For now, please act on that petition and be praying your Rosaries.

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