Monday, April 15, 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral - A Harbinger Of God's Purifying Judgments To Come

No doubt the world has heard by now that Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was severely damaged by a fire today.  The fire destroyed most of the roof and a spire.  Firefighters managed to save a relic of Jesus' Crown of Thorns and a tunic used by King St Louis IX, along with the Blessed Sacrament.

The Cathedral dates back many centuries.  It is both a religious and cultural landmark not only of France and Western civilization, but that of the Roman Catholic Church as well.  However, I join many others in believing that this disaster is a harbinger of God's judgments that are yet to come.  We may well bewail the fate of the Cathedral,  But how many of us in Maryland are just as disturbed that Mark Shriver, a dissident Catholic, will befoul another institution names after Our Lady next month?  I've already written about that.  The question is, what are faithful Catholics doing about that??

We have a pope who scrapes and bows before pagan world leaders, but won't genuflect before Our Lord during Mass.  We stand by while he spews forth verbose documents that only serve to obfuscate God's timeless truths.  We have prelates who cover for each other as they rape young boys and men.  These same prelates wink at priests who lead their parishes in "pride parades" while punishing faithful priests for preaching true Catholic doctrine that some sin-blinded people find too convicting.


  1. When God withdraws His protection, anything can happen, and it's usually disastrous!

  2. Our Lady of La Salette ora pro nobis! Yes, praise God that the crown of thorns and the Blessed Sacrament were saved! This was no coincidence that this fire happened during Holy Week. A sign indeed.

  3. To "unknown" of 7:39 am this morning. Your comment is not being published and you know why! The number of f-bombs that you dropped against Holy Mother Church speaks volumes about your own stunted intellect and spiritual life. Speaking of the latter, you are placing your soul in danger of eternal damnation owing to your imprecations against the Church. I'd suggest you high-tail it immediately to Confession.


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