Friday, April 5, 2019

ADW Catholics, Are You Ready To Take Action?


  1. Oh God, how absolutely depressing. It's bad when the only thing we can hope for besides divine intervention is a RICO investigation.
    I will only speak for myself, but as pretty much a lifetime Roman Catholic, I hope and pray at this point the US feds come in and ream this church to the ground. Dismantle it, bury it, make it necessary to sell off properties and assets. Yes, it will break my heart, but I would far rather see this fake-satanic church be brought down by whatever means then continue on with these queens lording it over the Body of Christ, their disbelief in the Gospel and in Jesus Christ there for all to see.
    Clean your house, O Lord, clean your house. Why do you delay. Amen.

  2. Well said, Kathleen. I have a dear friend who is a priest in Bordeaux, France. Despite the socialist political agenda there, the priesthood is relatively faithful. His bishop has no wealth, no secretary, answers his cell phone when my friend calls. He says that the poverty of the church there keeps the bishops faithful. There is nothing but prayer, service and humility to atttact them to their vocations. The French Revolution stripped much from the Church in France and it never really recovered. A blessing in disguise?

    1. KATH1031 & Tomboysuze-Yes! Weren't they supposed to go out evangelizing without a wallet? Without a beach vacation home with five beds for six males? Without male prostitutes? Without cocaine for the journey? One image that I cannot get rid of-simultaneous sodomy and sacramet of penance. Guy McClung, Texas

      Comment from California Catholic Daily, Sep. 2018:
      “We must pray for lawsuits, for priests and bishops in prison, stripped of all wealth, laicized.” Guy McClung, Texas

      Question from May 2018 article:
      “Did the bishops who took our money, and those who acted with them, commit crimes? It there was crime, does the corrupt organizations act apply?” Guy McClung

      Now this, From Nov. 13, 2018 article:
      Sexual abuse victims file class action lawsuit against Vatican, Catholic bishops

      Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times, November 13, 2018

  3. When the chastisement comes, and it will, it's going to be horrible.

    So many EVIL prelates.


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