Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pope Francis' Squandering Of $500k - Maybe More Sinister Than A Mere Insult

Take a good look at this meme to the left.  This deals with the news that Pope Francis donated the equivalent of $500k in US dollars, ostensibly to "immigrants" who are on the south side of the US-Mexican border.  They are indeed stalled there because President Trump will not allow them to conduct a de facto invasion of the United States.

Read about it from the Church Militant site.  You'll see that Michael Hichborn did some arithmetic and deduced that, given the estimates of 75,000 individuals south of the border, that some of money would only buy each one hamburger meal.  Hichborn hypothesized that it could simply be a publicity stunt meant to embarrass President Trump.  One can hope it's merely that.  What do I mean?

Let's turn our attention now to this report from the Rutherford Institute, regarding the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation.  Apparently it has become quite a sordid industry in some quarters.  So what does this have to do with this latest papal stunt?

No one who is half awake can escape the fact that many high-ranking prelates have raped young children.  We know that many children are being brought across the border for the sole purpose of being sold to perverts.  I would wager that many of those same pervert-customers are wearing Roman collars (or have worn them, in the case of the perps being caught).  Perhaps that $500k of papal money isn't really going towards hamburger meals and many of those 75,000 individuals may not see one iota of benefit at all, papal protestations to the contrary.  I've no doubt that part of the reason is to insult Trump; else, why publicize it?  If only we could follow that money as it ostensibly arrives in Mexico.  We might be surprised - or maybe not!

Even better than following that money would be reducing the amount of that money.  In a few weeks, the "Peters Pence" collection will occur.  Here is the calendar for the Archdiocese of Washington; I understand that many other areas will have that collection at the same time.  This is another one to boycott.  If the Vatican can buy hamburger meals or keep the flow of trafficked children coming into the US, not to mention hosting envirowhacko meetings with Jeffrey Sachs et al, they really don't deserve our hard-earned money.

Let's boycott the Peters Pence collection.  When that Sunday happens, don't just pass the basket along.  Drop in it your own envelope with a note in it that details why you won't donate to such an unworthy endeavor.  There are plenty of other decent charities that would put your donation dollars to excellent use.


  1. Absolutely do not give one cent to Peter's Pence! We also stopped giving anything to the Archdiocese of *** several years ago. In fact, our pastor - who shall remain nameless - advised parishioners that if you want to give to the Parish and not have the money go the Archdiocese, then simply state that on your check. (I know it's complicated because the Archdiocese forces every parish to pay a huge percentage to their coffers. I worked at one parish who was in the red and struggling to survive and the Archdiocese would NOT relent on collecting their tax and not reduce their fee. We're talking upwards of $50K. VIPERS!) We are so disgusted with Anti-Pope Frank that we will not give one cent to the church, unless it goes to our own wonderful, faithful parish.

  2. Give at Easter and Christmas. The parish does not have to pay the "tax" on those collections.

    Or write a check directly to you priest!

  3. You should have been boycotting Peter's Pence for the last 6 years. If you have been unfortunate enough to collude in this misbegotten papacy by making donations in recent years, I suggest that now might be a good time to write to the pope and ask for your money back!


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