Friday, November 12, 2021

Abortion At The Catholic University Of America

The College Fix, an online publication run by conservative college students, published an article detailing how the Catholic University of America allowed its student health plan to cover abortions.  This was no short-term glitch as this coverage existed for three years.  The CUA personnel claim that their carrier simply stopped the abortion exclusions.  I find that highly unlikely; in my experience of administering health plans, I know that carriers announce any proposed changes well in advance.

College Fix personnel repeatedly attempted to contact CUA personnel about the coverage prior to publication of their first article, but those attempts were ignored.  After College Fix published that article, however, CUA became busy little bees and got their carrier to correct the situation.

Some questions come to mind:

  • Who at CUA was responsible for administering the health plan and ensuring that it remained in conformity with Church teaching?
  • How was that abortion coverage allowed to remain for three years?
  • I know that there are pro-life students there.  Did any of them raise questions, and if so, how were they treated?
  • Why was College Fix initially rebuffed?
  • The abortion coverage is now allegedly removed.  How will that be verified?
These questions need to be answered.  Quite frankly, some CUA administration heads need to roll.  Such a lapse was too easy to notice for anyone with half a brain to claim that it just slipped by them.  Only when College Fix exposed this scandal was correction taken.

Speaking of exposing scandals, might incidents such as this be part of the reason for two of those false "commandments" that the pope recently plopped?  When publications such as College Fix shine the light of truth upon scandal, it makes the undermining of the Church's mission rather inconvenient for the progressives now, doesn't it?  But this incident proves why we must keep speaking the truth.

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