Thursday, November 11, 2021

Now We Have A New Set Of Commandments!

A few years back the pope announced his intentions to edit the Lord's Prayer - you know, the one that Our Lord Himself dictated to us.  See here and here.  At the same time he attempted to change Church teaching in regards to the death penalty.  Please note that I said "attempted" for no one, not even a pope, can turn established Church teaching on its ear.  There is Traditionis Custodes, the attempt to quash the Mass of the Ages.

Well, now we have a new papal target - the 10 Commandments!  The pope has done that by issuing a parallel set of "commandments", that he calls "the nine commandments for a just economy".  You can read the list.  It's a hybrid of a hippie-pot-smoking daze-dreaming session from the 1960s, smatterings of Rules for Radicals (courtesy of Saul Alinsky) and a "social justice warrior" bucket list.

The list is a hoot!  A brief glimpse into some of these might be in order, but brief lest I write a whole tome.

  • "big finance forgive the debt of small countries".  So who determines who is who?  More importantly, the ones who extended credit, in most cases citizens of other countries, would be robbed by this measure
  • "arms manufacturers stop all production"  News flash!  As long as sin is present in the world and evil people prey upon the innocent, there had better be sufficient arms available for good people to halt the evil
  • Numbers 6 and 8 are so transparent in their intentions that they are hilarious.  The pope has shown himself to be rather thin-skinned, as most progressives are.  They want truth stifled at all costs, and that's precisely the point of those two blurbs
Most importantly, the TFP folks who posted this article are quite right.  The pope completely omits the First Greatest Commandment, that is, to love God with our entire beings.  That comes even before love of neighbor.  Yet in all that blather, not one mention is even made of God.  Just whose vicar is the pope anyway?  Inquiring minds would like to know.

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