Monday, November 1, 2021

Pro-Abortion GW Students Throw Tantrums At The Truth

The young men of the TFP Student Action have once again taken the truth of baby-slaughter and God's commandments to a college campus.  Last week they were at George Washington University in Washington DC.  Either these students are complete products of public school education and/or their consciences are seared by personal participation in baby murder, for their tantrums and profanity-laden snit-fits are a pitiful sight to behold.  One gal said she worked at a mill and another said she belonged to a satanic temple (giving unwitting testimony as to abortion's demonic origins).   The truth, proclaimed completely and properly, will either be embraced or rejected.  Sadly the bulk of these youngsters chose the latter.

The examples of these TFP men are to be emulated.

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  1. God bless TFP Student Action...they have courage, patience, and complete confidence in God, Who provides the grace necessary to have possession over their emotions, thoughts and words. Screamers are possessed whether they know it or not.


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