Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Zzzzzzz! Nighty-Night!

The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021, also known as COP26, is in its final days.  It started on October 31 in Glasgow, Scotland, attended by all sorts of dignitaries from the far corners of the earth.  How did these dignitaries arrive at this conference that has as one of its aims the reduction of carbon footprints?  Why, they flew in on private jets, of course!  But not to worry!  I'm sure that these heads of state will simply extort the price of carbon offsets from their beleaguered citizenries!

Many of these dignitaries have been known to wax lyrical about peace.  Well, quite a few of them had moments of peace as they listened to speakers drone on about warn the world of climate change.  Observe these dedicated leaders as they enjoy moments of peace and deep meditation!  Why not?  Our tax dollars are paying for this!

Truth be told, if I had to listen to those gasbags yap and yammer about envirowhacko junk-science as though it was the greatest thing since life's bread, I'd be making some serious zzz's myself.  But on the other hand, I don't buy into any of that drivel - certainly not to the degree that I'd ascribe to environmentalism the status of a de facto religion.

If I find soundtracks from this conference, I might post them - in case you have trouble falling asleep!  Nighty-night!

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