Friday, July 22, 2022

DC's Cardinal Gregory The Latest To Bare His Teeth At Faithful Catholics Attending The Traditional Latin Mass

We've been anticipating this for quite some time, especially after Cardinal Cupich stated that the Institute of Christ the King would be personae non gratia starting August 1st.  Well, here it is - the official assassin's bullet from Cardinal Gregory.  It is just as draconian and tyrannical as is Traditionis Custodes.

Read that thing.  He starts off with a lot of compliments for those attending Latin Mass, but it's really just a butter-up job.  After dispensing with those pleasantries, Gregory gets down to business.  To wit:
  • Traditional Latin Mass can only be celebrated in three non-parochial locations in the DC diocese.  St. Mary's in Chinatown, where the Traditional Latin Mass has been celebrated for many years, is not one of them.
  • They can only be celebrated on Sunday - in other words, no Latin weekday Masses.
  • Priests must apply for permission to celebrate the Latin Mass, even as a private Mass
  • Masses for Christmas, the Triduum, Easter and Pentecost must be celebrated in the Novus Ordo.  The TLM is forbidden for these holy days
  • All other sacraments must be administered in the Novus Ordo rites.
  • Scripture readings must be given in the vernacular, with a translation approved by the USCCB.  Since the readings are always repeated in the vernacular, I can only suppose that giving the readings in Latin will be forbidden.
Why would these prelates wish the obliteration of the Latin Mass?  At those Masses, one can understand the majesty of God and the immensity of the Sacrifice of Christ.  The latter happens at each Mass, albeit in an unbloody manner.  The attendees are there to worship God, not to have warm-fuzzies types of experiences.  Yes, there is community, but that happens after Mass, in the church lobby.  There is always reverential silence before the Blessed Sacrament.  By the way - young people are flocking to these Masses after having been gypped so long by Novus Ordo Masses with their stripped-down prayers and human-centered atmosphere.  The Latin Mass is the Mass of the Ages, having produced saints for over 1,000 years.

I started that last paragraph with a question.  The following sentences described benefits that should give the prelates pause in their attempts to quash the Latin Mass, but in reality they are the very reasons why these prelates, many of them progressives and/or masons, have a visceral hatred of that Mass.  They not only lack supernatural faith in God, but actually harbor animosity towards Him.  Even the Washington Post looks askance upon Gregory's vindictiveness towards the Latin Mass.

Vox Cantoris reproduced an open letter by Archbishop Vigano who unpacked the implications of Cupich's assault upon the Catholic faith.  That was before Gregory pulled his stunt today, but I believe what is said about Cupich also applies to Gregory.  He is correct in saying that neither Cupich, nor Gregory, nor even the pope have any right to deprive us of the Mass of the Ages.  The bull of Pope Saint Pius V, Quo Primum, states quite as much.

So once again we are put in the position of having to resist clerical tyranny, but resist we must.  The tactic of "going along to get along" is simply not morally permissible.  So what to do?  First, find a Traditional Latin Mass in another diocese.  They are happening in northern Virginia and Baltimore.  Take yourselves - and your money - there.  Yes, it seems like money is one of the few languages these corrupt shepherds understand, so we must speak it.  Keep protesting the chancery.  Raise protest, especially at events where the cardinal appears; in those cases, be respectful but firm.


  1. Just ignore anything Wilton says. Or, for that matter, el Gordo in Rome.

    1. Unfortunately that is not an option. We simply must be aware of what is being promulgated, if only to help others who might be confused by the errors. Moreover, how can we combat that which we don't know?


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