Saturday, July 2, 2022

Do These Pre-Conclave Meetings Invalidate Cdl Bergoglio's Election To The Papacy?

Yesterday an interview that the pope had was published by Telam and reported by  The pope seems to have let the cat out of the bag, as it were.  He states that the havoc he wreaked his accomplishments to date are goals agreed upon with other cardinals at a pre-conclave meeting.  Let that sink in.  Goals for his papacy were set before the conclave happened that elected him pope.

So many questions arise regarding this pre-conclave meeting of cardinals.  Obviously it happened before Bergoglio was elected pope.

  • Did it happen before or after Benedict XVI resigned?
    • If before, did the attendees at that meeting deliberate how to secure Benedict's resignation?
  • Did these cardinals agree that Bergoglio should be elected?
  • If the answer to the preceding question was yes,
    • Did they promise to vote for Bergoglio?
    • Did they initiate plans to lobby other cardinals to vote for him?
  • Were the cardinals at that meeting part of the St. Gallen mafia?
The answers to these questions might well have bearing on the validity of both Pope Benedict's resignation and Pope Francis' election.  Enough irregularities have been detected to call both into question.

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  1. The Paul VI Audience Hall shaped like a fangy snake head has a handy Synod Hall. The bulk of the concrete monstrosity is in Rome proper with the "mouth" biting Vatican City. Jesus, mercy!


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