Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Maryland Primaries - A Happy Result

Maryland's primary elections took place yesterday, so they are (mostly) come and gone.  I'll get to that "mostly" part later.  As I comment on the results, I'll omit the Democrat side (again mostly) for the Dems are equally deadly to unborn children.

All in all, the RINO crowd in Maryland got their comeuppance last evening.  Solid conservative Dan Cox trounced Kelly Schultz to become the GOP nominee for Maryland governor.  This was a direct rebuke to Larry Hogan.  In standing against the mask mandates two years ago, Dan Cox was slated to speak at a rally in western Maryland.  He was threatened with arrest by the Maryland State Troopers if that talk continued.  The troopers are under Hogan's authority.  He has also been solidly pro-life.  Sadly the same could not be said for his opponent, Kelly Schultz.  While she started her career as pro-life, she back-peddled in preparation for the gubernatorial race.  This is one example of trying to please so many people that in the end, no one is pleased.

Michael Peroutka will go to the general election for the position of Attorney General.  I know of no shortcoming on the part of his opponent Jim Shalleck and supported the latter when he ran for State's Attorney in Montgomery County.  I believe Peroutka will bring a better sense of adherence to the Constitution in enforcing law.

Neil Parrott will face David Trone for the MD District 6 seat in the US House of Representatives.  Judging from these votes, Parrott has a real chance of winning the general election.  Bear in mind that the district maps have been improved to remove at least some of the gerrymandering.  Besides him and Andy Harris of District 1, I haven't a sense of the pro-life bona fides of the GOP candidates for the other US House seats.  Suffice it to say that we need the GOP candidates to win, if for no other reason than to help remove the Speaker's gavel from Nancy Pelosi's hands.

In the first paragraph of this post I said that the election was mostly over and that I would mostly disregard the Democrat side of things.  Here is the one exception.  In Montgomery County, Marc Elrich faced quite a few opponents.  One of them, David Blair, is surpassing Elrich by over a thousand votes.  There are still a few mail-in ballots to manufacture count.  Wouldn't that be a lovely comeuppance for him to be beaten by a fellow Democrat?   Recall that Elrich moved to fund abortion in Montgomery County to the tune of one million dollars (of our tax money) and was endorsed by Pro-Choice Maryland.  If Blair beats him for the nomination, that will be a plus in and of itself.  Whoever wins will square off against Reardon Sullivan, who won the GOP nomination for that office.

Now that we have a decent slate of candidates in Maryland, we'll have to work to put them in office this November.

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