Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Holy Year 2025 Of The Teletubbies

Church Militant has unearthed some information regarding the origins of this schlock that the pope personally chose to be the logo for "Holy Year 2025".

The "artist" (using that word loosely) is Giacomo Travisani, a masseur whose serves seem to have gay undertones.  Apparently he scrubbed his social media pages of all incriminating evidence - but not quickly enough.

I won't rehash the entire CM piece here.  Suffice it to say that it's worth a read.  CM cites some critics who fault Travisani's junk as being "infantile", "embarrassing clip art", "juvenile graphics for mental midgets and the emotionally stunted".

They forgot to add "possible plagiarism".   Observe below.

Even the order of colors is identical.  Could he have been more obvious?  And the pope picked that copycat crap out himself!  Isn't this "holy year" just off to a stellar start?

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