Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Kamala??? How Could You???!!?! Say It Isn't So!!!

(In case this really needs to be said, the post below is satire.)

LGBTQA(append your favorite letters here) persons must still be in shell-shock, suffering PTSD after Kamala Harris, utterly stabbed them in the back in this clip.  Under the guise of defending Roe, she let her bias be shown.  Here it is, if you dare watch it.

Now that you've picked yourselves off the floor from your fainting seizures, I'm sure you all see the transphobia here.  But for those still in denial, I'll spell it out.  But please bear with me, as I can scarcely (sob!) utter these horrific words!  Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, dared to assume the gender of pregnant persons everywhere!  The horror!  How could she be so insensitive to the 58,273 (at last count) other genders that are documented to exist?  What she uttered was..was transphobic hate speech!

Poor progressive snowflakes everywhere are now scurrying for their "safe places", clutching their security blankets!  Will they ever recover from this cruel betrayal?  Well, a nice governmental payout for the emotional damages just inflicted will ease the pain nicely, I'm sure - but I digress.

In related news, men everywhere nick their chins while shaving.  Dang!  See how the kamal has compromised my politically correct talking points?  I just assumed the gender of shaving persons!  Off to the reeducation camps for me!

Now I will turn off the satire.  This ditzy broad and her equally incompetent boss have no business occupying their high offices.  They must be given their pink slips in 2024.

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