Monday, September 21, 2009

Hats Off to Father Landry!

Father Roger Landry is editor of The Anchor, the official publication of the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts. This was the home diocese of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Most thinking Catholics were aghast at the sorry spectacle of Cardinals honoring a man who spent much of his life and influence to participate in the murder of countless babies.

During this profanation of the funeral liturgy, various Kennedy relatives engaged in Democratic infomercials, thinly disguised as "Prayers of the Faithful". One of those prayers was for the acceptance of the gay lifestyle.

Enter Father Landry, who wrote a series of columns that shed the light of the Magisterium upon the debacle that occurred in the diocese. In one of those columns, he wrote that "all that was necessary was to adhere to the letter and spirit of the Catholic funeral rite." How can it be stated more simply and plainly?

Furthermore, he wrote that "Kennedy's example was so injurious because the pastors of the Church, for the most part, made the imprudent call to do little or nothing about it beyond general teaching statements that they hoped offending politicians would apply to themselves." Father is right. The fact is that naughty little children simply will not police themselves.

In reading this last statement, we cannot help but be reminded of the sad example provided by Archbishop Wuerl. When asked if he would enforce Canon 915 during an interview, alleging a preference for a "teaching approach." By the clear unwillingness to take action, it's clear what is really being taught to pro-abortion proponents.

Pray that 1) Father Landry suffer no unjust treatment from the USCCB hierarchy (like Bishop Martino?) for his courageous stance, 2) that his words be heeded and 3) for the repentance and conversion of all pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians.

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