Saturday, September 26, 2009

McBrien: "Eucharistic adoration..a step backward"

I learn something new everyday. In all my years of knowing that Fr Richard McBrien is a flaming heretical dissenter, I did not realize he taught at Notre Dame University. I guess he and Fr Jenkins must be the best of buddies. After the Obama debacle last spring, this drivvel from Fr McBrien is yet another reason why Our Lady weeps.

Of course the McBrien diatribe is published on the webpage of the National Catholic Distorter, uh, I mean.. Reporter! He just cannot grasp why literate and educated Catholics would be interested in Our Lord in His Real Presence. Psst! Fr McBrien! I'll let you in on that secret! It is precisely because we are aware of our Faith (despite Moderist attempts to rob us of that) that we are flocking to Our Lord. Our world is in desperate need of Him.

Enough of him. For some real teaching about the Eucharist, I recommend You'll also find tips on getting Eucharistic Adoration started in your own locality if one does not yet already exist. In this subpage are many talks regarding this most crucal topic. One such talk is by the late Fr John A Hardon (a true Jesuit!). It is entitled
Perpetual Adoration as a Necessary Antidote for Abortion. Fr Hardon spoke extensively on this topic. The website will have much in the way of solid teaching.

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