Friday, September 25, 2009

Mahoney's Baloney

When asked in an interview if he agreed with his brother cardinal, Justin Rigali, that there should be language in the Obamacare bill that explicitly bans public funding of abortion, His Emminence gave an eloquent, stellar answer truly worthy of his faith. My paltry words cannot do it justice, so let this grace your ears!

C'mon, now! I didn't say this "faith" was the True Roman Catholic Faith now, right?

This is "way beyond his field"? Gee whiz! I thought the teaching of faith and morals was right smack-dab within the purview of a Prince of the Church.

The thinking (or lack thereof?) is interesting. Let's try that line of thought (using the term lightly) with another scenario.

Reporter: "Do you think there should be language in the bill that explicitly excludes funds for wife-beating?"
Mahoney: "This is way beyond my field (said dismissively). My field is immigration!"

Had that been the conversation, the hue and cry for his resignation would be deafening - and rightly so.

Doesn't this remind you of the ridiculous statement of the Messiah Most Miserable himself during his campaign? When pressed for his beliefs as to when life begins and thus is to be held inviolable from abortion, he said that "was above his pay grade."

"Way above my pay grade", "way beyond my field".. I accept and agree with these admissions of gross incompetence and the refusal to grasp even the most basic tenets of common sense. Now that these incompetents have admitted their unsuitability to their respective tasks, let us pray that they have the grace to resign their lofty positions, lest they wreck more havoc than they've already done.

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