Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catholic Standard Bumbles Again

In the September 17th edition of the Standard, on page 4 hard copy (but here, for your ease of reference), we read "USCCB, CHA officials encouraged about Obama's address on health care."

Encouraged!!???!? Maybe we should send Joe Wilson over to the USCCB offices to explain to them some painfully obvious facts about the lack of credibility of the Messiah Most Miserable. There is not one unborn child, nor elderly person, nor anyone frail who is not imperiled by this satanic monstrosity known as HR 3200.

Of the USCCB's willful oblivion, we find ample evidence here. We've already commented on that on our site in the "national news" section, so there's no need to reinvent that wheel. We've no doubt that they deliberately made themselves scarce during this weekend's massive Tea Party in Washington, DC. We were there, along with at least one million others. Given the truly diabolical provisions in this health care bill, and in fact inherent in the very concept of socialism in general, we believe the picture below displays the true Catholic view of the Obama Care mess.

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