Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coming Soon To Montgomery County

The current membership of the Montgomery County Council two years ago voted to give so-called "trangender" people special rights that will fly in the face of all other people.  As we fought to bring the measure to ballot, the proponents of this measure mocked us for our concerns.  Unfortunately our concerns are vindicated by an account (from Lifesite News) of a sixth-grade boy, who thinks he's a cross-gender girl, who, by ruling of the Maine Human Rights Commission, was granted the right to use the girls' rest room at school.

What renders this story particularly tragic are the boy's equally confused parents.  Instead of seeking help for the boy that he so desperately needs, they are falling right into lockstep with this madness.  I can only surmise that they aren't playing with full decks either.  At any rate, they are only exaserbating the poor boy's very serious difficulties.

Duchy Trachtenberg and Dana Beyer originated the slop that has placed the above-described scenario in our not-too-distant future.  Fortunately they both lost their primary elections a few weeks ago.  In November, let's retire as many of the other council members as possible.

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