Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Temper Tantrums Continue

The deadly and despicable Islamic temper tantrums continue.  In Kashmir they have burnt several Christian schools.  This is ostensibly in response to the burning of a few quran copies.  As I read this article, I saw no mention of "moderate" Islamic leaders denouncing those who engaged in the arson.

When Terry Jones first announced his plans, Christians were quick to denounce him.  Why then, do we not see similar disavowals of the violence from Islamic leaders?  And no, I shouldn't have to hunt far and wide all over the internet to find them; there should be press releases galore, broadcasts, etc.

To double the trauma, not only does the Islamic violence continue, but so do the incessant mea culpas from Christian congregations.  CNN's Belief Blog reports that this past weekend, passages from the quran were read at the services of 20 different Christian congregations - including Catholic ones.  I can only presume that these passages were read during Mass.  Mass wasn't mentioned, but what other religous service would there be in a Catholic church over the weekend?  The article doesn't make clear as to whether the quran was read in addition to the readings for Cycle C of the 24th week in Ordinary Time - or in lieu of those canonically-required passages from the Bible.  Both constitute egregious insults to the Holy Mass.

Of course this article makes no mention of any passages from the Bible being read at Islamic mosque services.  In fact, though, what we should expect is that the Islamic moderates will rebuild the schools in Kashmir to atone for the misdeeds of their more unruly brethren - but don't hold your breath waiting for that one.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to grow up and grow a back bone.  It's time to insist upon some proportionality here.  Islamic fundamentalists, for too long, have engaged in murderous rampages of riot and mayhem on the slightest pretext of insult.  Very rarely, if ever, do the so-called "moderates" amongst them stand them down.  If any call my obvervations "islamophobic" or some other politically-correct buzz word, you're living in laa-laa land.  It's time to wake up and smell some coffee here.

For our part, too many of our wimpy leaders roll over and expose not only their own throats, but ours as well to these thugs.  To the USCCB, to Cardinal McCarrick to the cathedral in Sacramento and to these Florida churches, please stop licking the boots of these terrorists. 

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