Monday, September 13, 2010

Mom And Her Two-Year Old

We've all witnessed scenes in a grocery or toy store when a toddler wants some goodie that his/her mother would rather not procure.  Well, the toddler screems, stomps and carries on.  Rather than exert her proper authority over her child, Mom gives in.  You just know how that child will turn out fifteen years from that time.

The trauma in the store is a microcosym of what we see in how the civilized world relates to the Muslim world (yes they are different).  We all heard of the riots and violence (resulting in at least two deaths in Afghanistan) that Muslims instigated - even before any qurans were burnt.  My friend at Les Femmes, in a piece written today, spoke of the wanton murders in which they engage on the slightest pretext of insult.  Last Friday, Michelle Malkin wrote a piece entitled "The Eternal Flame of Muslim Outrage".  Both have described the common Muslim propensity to be perpetually angry and outraged.  They are not at all unlike the hypothetical toddler who engages in infantile temper tantrums.

Unfortunately these overgrown brats have their enablers amongst us - and I mean in the Church!  Two of them have recently been described in this blog: Cardinal McCarrick and the rectors of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento CA.  They are among those who insist on kissing the hands of those who slap us; actually, substitute the word "murder" for "slap" as that is much more accurate.  In so doing, they offer supreme insult to the families of the dead, rubbing salt into their already aching wounds.  They also act to inhibit our defenses of ourselves and our loved ones; whether or not that is their intent is not for me to judge, but only a self-deluded fool will not admit that such is the effect.  They only embolden the thugs to even more draconian acts of terror and destruction.

For further "food for thought", I recommend to your reading "What the Burning Quran Issue Says about Us" and "Burning Qurans and Bibles".  Above all, speak out.  The world desperately needs grown-ups to step up to the plate.  There won't be any such example coming from the Messiah Most Miserable or his Minions Most Slavish.  Nor will such example be emanating from many bishops, it seems.

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