Saturday, February 19, 2011

Glenn Beck Interviews Lila Rose

This is from Glenn Beck's show yesterday.  He is taking on both Planned Parenthood's inherent immorality and the Main-Stream-Lame-Brain Media's willful blindness towards the evils of sex trafficking and abortion.

He did utter one factual error towards the beginning when he commented how abortion is new.  Abortion is not "relatively new".  The Church teachings and the Hippocratic Oath, both prohibiting abortion, are clear evidence that this has been a moral blight for many centuries.  While Christendom was in ascendency in the western world, abortion was rightly seen as the heinous evil that it is.  Only within the past 40 years has it become tenuously acceptable.  He is right in saying it's "progressive" - that is, progressive in the sense that you've seen it used on this blog, to indicate those age-old ideas and evils couched in "modern" babble.

He is right in saying that "people don't want to look at the facts and pictures.  They don't want to think about it."  That is why he produced the program that is shown below.

You might be shocked at some whom he reveals to be eugenicists - or at least favorable to it: George Bernard Shaw (no shock to me), Teddy Roosevelt (that surprised me, although I should have suspected since I know he was a Mason), Joseph P Kennedy (not really a shocker, given the havoc wrecked by his politician descendants). 

He also interviewed Lila Rose.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

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